• 10 Year Guarantee*

    10 Year Guarantee*

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    Designed and Handmade in the Cotswolds

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    Bespoke design available

How To Care For Your Wheelie Bin Store

All of our wheelie bin stores are designed to be easy to care for. As we handmade our products, we take time and effort to prepare them to last as long as possible. By doing this any maintenance that is required will be minimal. However, as the product ages, it is likely to see some damage from high winds, excessive sun, organic matter, and natural use. This should leave your wheelie bin store looking any worse than when you brought it brand new. So we have a helpful guide to keep your wheelie bin storage unit looking the best in the neighbourhood!

All the wood we use is green pressure treated which provides natural water resistance. It will also help keep your storage free of bacteria and fungi. Along with the issues with rot and fungi, you will need to keep your wheelie bin store free from sun-bleaching. Over the course of a few years, wood can suffer from discolouration and sun damage. Therefore we recommend regular treatment with a light coloured treatment. Helping to keep your wheelie bin store a single colour. If you miss a couple of treatments it can be difficult to reverse the damage, so we advise regularly treating your unit.

What is Pressure Treated Timber?

Pressure-treated timber is wood that has undergone special treatment during the manufacturing process. The process protects the wood from rotting or additional decay for a long period (our wood should last for a period of twenty years or more). We would never advise purchasing any outdoor furniture that has not been made from wood that is pressure treated, as this is unlikely to last longer than a year or two.

We guarantee that our wheelie bin storage units will last for at least 10 years and actually with regular maintenance they are likely to last much longer!Wheelie Bin Storage

Why should I continually care for my wheelie bin store?

The simple answer is that the more you care for your wheelie bin store the longer it will last. Wood as a natural product needs some help to keep it looking fresh and new.

When is best to apply treatment to my wheelie bin store?

Depending on where you live you might need to take more care than others. Unfortunately, areas with additional sun or snow will need to take more care than others. So we recommend keeping an eye on the wood and learning how the wood is reacting to your area.

Ideally, you would apply the treatment on a warm, dry day. You’ll be looking for a few rain-free days in a row, otherwise, all of your hard work can quickly be undone. For most people, this will be in mid-spring or early autumn. The perfect conditions will avoid too much bright sunshine as it can cause the treatment to dry too quickly and not seep into the wood properly.

How often should I care for my wheelie bin store?

We recommend that you apply a treatment annually. This will help you get the most out of your wheelie bin store, it should help the unit to last for well over ten years without any issues.

What should I use to treat my wheelie bin store?

The wood we use is pressure-treated already, which provides extra protection. Therefore, it is important to use a treatment that is compatible with this kind of wood. Using a treatment that isn’t made for pressure-treated wood can actually be worse for the wood than failing to apply a treatment at all.

Please check the label to confirm that it is compatible. We will be launching our own range of treatments soon, so if you have questions please get in touch!

Tips for caring for your wheelie bin store

  • Clear snow off the unit – If a lot of snow is against the wood for a long time, the unit can develop deep water stains. This can lead to damage to the storage unit that will speed up deterioration of the wood.
  • Clean leaves/bird markers off – Leaves are worse, but even bird mess can damage your store. Both are high in organic content, which can lead to added bacteria or fungi if left for a long time.
  • Make sure your base is solid – Depending on what you have available, you can either use a deck base/slab base/concrete. However, we recommend making sure your base is solid and flat. If not this can damage the wood and bow the doors making it harder to open.
  • Avoid using a high-pressure washer – Unfortunately using a pressure washer can lead to the wood splintering. Therefore we recommend either being very careful or using lower pressure cleaning techniques.
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