Fly Tippers, which areas in the UK have the most reported fly-tipping incidents.

Which areas in the UK have the most reported fly-tipping incidents?

Fly-tipping doesn’t just have a serious impact on the environment, local wildlife and public health, but also costs millions of pounds to the taxpayer in order to be responsibly removed.

There were over a million fly-tipping incidents in the UK in the last year, which is more than any other year in the last decade, but which parts of the country are the worst offenders?

Areas with the Most Fly Tipping Incidents

The area with the most reported fly-tipping incidents was Leeds, with 32,411 incidents dealt with in the last year.

However, five out of the top ten areas with the most incidents were all located in London, with Camden, Brent, Croydon, Hounslow and Haringey the next worst offenders after Leeds and the total number of fly-tipping incidents across each London borough totalled 324,261.

RankLocal AuthorityRegionFly Tipping IncidentsFly Tipping Fines
1LeedsYorkshire and Humber32,411£1,600
7LiverpoolNorth West20,210£0
8PlymouthSouth West19,622£5,570
9ManchesterNorth West19,056£78,964
10BirminghamWest Midlands17,575£175,643
11Hammersmith and FulhamLondon16,769£9,150
12BradfordYorkshire and Humber16,584£4,875
14SheffieldYorkshire and Humber15,254£3,774
15NorthamptonEast Midlands15,246£430
23SouthamptonSouth East11,400£0
25Newcastle-upon-TyneNorth East9,931£42,635

Areas with the Least Fly Tipping Incidents

However, we also decided to look at which areas were the least likely to fly-tip, just one area recording zero incidents in the whole year, which was the remote Isles of Scilly.

Other than this, the area with the lowest occurrences were Oadby & Wigston in the East Midlands (17 incidents), which works out as almost 2,000 times fewer incidents than in Leeds.

RankLocal AuthorityRegionFly Tipping IncidentsFly Tipping Fines
1Isles of ScillySouth West0£0
2Oadby and WigstonEast Midlands17£0
3RyedaleYorkshire and Humber38£0
4West SomersetSouth West65£0
5RichmondshireYorkshire and Humber105£0
6South LakelandNorth West117£0
7CravenYorkshire and Humber154£903
8ScarboroughYorkshire and Humber167£4,485
9FarehamSouth East181£0
9West DevonSouth West181£167
11High PeakEast Midlands199£0
12Weymouth and PortlandSouth West205£0
13CheltenhamSouth West207£0
14ChristchurchSouth West212£0
15LewesSouth East215£0
16Malvern HillsWest Midlands217£0
17Derbyshire DalesEast Midlands222£0
18CopelandNorth West237£0
18North DorsetSouth West237£0
20TorridgeSouth West238£150
22Amber ValleyEast Midlands266£0
23ErewashEast Midlands270£80
23LichfieldWest Midlands270£2,000
25Forest HeathEast271£0

The Areas with the Highest Fly-Tipping Fines

The areas which are most likely to be caught fly-tipping aren’t necessarily the ones that have been hit with the biggest fines, with fines being decided based on the severity of the incident.

In fact, the area that has forked out the most in fines was Birmingham, with over £175,000 coughed up in the last year, which is over twice as much as the next city, suggesting that the local council in the city are particularly tough on fly-tippers.

RankLocal AuthorityRegionFly Tipping IncidentsFly Tipping Fines
1BirminghamWest Midlands17,575£175,643
2ManchesterNorth West19,056£78,964
3DerbyEast Midlands6,004£67,232
4LeicesterEast Midlands7,997£64,155
7HerefordshireWest Midlands492£49,481
8Newcastle-upon-TyneNorth East9,931£42,635
9South BucksSouth East592£22,970
10Test ValleySouth East1,138£22,631
11Cheshire West and ChesterNorth West4,068£21,162
12Kingston upon Hull, City ofYorkshire and Humber3,936£20,826
13MedwaySouth East5,141£19,060
14GatesheadNorth East7,886£18,286
15BoltonNorth West1,004£18,031
17DarlingtonNorth East3,006£11,292
20North KestevenEast Midlands889£9,318
21YorkYorkshire and Humber1,483£9,244
22Hammersmith and FulhamLondon16,769£9,150
23County DurhamNorth East7,269£9,106
24South HollandEast Midlands876£8,574
25East Riding of YorkshireYorkshire and Humber1,346£8,282

How Much Could You Be Fined?

Fly-tipping is considered a criminal offence and can be punished by a fixed penalty notice of up to £400.

However, if the matter is more serious, then you could be convicted and hit with a fine of anything up to £50,000 or 12 months in prison at a Magistrate’s Court, or even 5 years in prison or an unlimited fine if dealt with at a Crown Court.

How to Legally Dispose of Waste

So, to make sure that you don’t get caught out and hit with a nasty fine, how can you safely and legally dispose of large amounts of waste?

Household waste is one of the most common types of fly-tipped waste, as large items of furniture can be a hassle to get rid of.

To make it easier, try to disassemble where possible before taking to your local tip, or better yet, look into how you could potentially recycle furniture instead, either by donating to charity or by getting in touch with your local council, as many now have dedicated recycling and disposal services.

Garden waste is also something which commonly gets dumped, but these can also be disposed of at your local tip, although you might require a permit for larger things such as whole hedges and trees.

You could also choose to hire a skip and most skip hire companies should arrange any permits that you require and will also come and collect the skip for you too. But do make sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate and reputable firm, as there have been increasing incidences of criminal gangs setting up fake waste disposal companies and dumping goods in hired outbuildings.


All data sourced from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs latest fly-tipping dataset (ENV24) and refers to the 2018-19 financial year.

For each local authority, we looked at both the number of total incidents and the total sum of fines paid.