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10-Year Guarantee

All of our products are handmade and timber is a natural product. Unfortunately, it can be prone to bending, shrinkage, and cracking, from being outside and is part of a natural weathering process. We do our best to avoid this, by using quality wood that will last for years, however on occasions, this will still happen. This is particularly apparent when the wood undergoes regular changes in temperature. Our standard guarantee offers our customers peace of mind that the wood we use is high quality and will last a long time. It protects our customers from incidences of general timber rot and decay. The natural processes of splits, warping, and cracking are not covered. This is because our wood is pressure treated, even if it cracks it does not become more vulnerable. The pressure treatment we use is pumped into the wood that stops damage occurring from nasty micro-organisms.

Our guarantee does not cover discolouration from weathering, which is expected as a natural product outside. To keep our guarantee valid you must, at a minimum follow the instructions provided for assembly and follow our guidance in regard to care for the wood. You should use a high-quality preservative on all exposed wood (both internal and external) and treated it in regard to their instructions (annually as a minimum).

Our strong recommendation is that OSMO is used as a high-quality preservative, but this is not part of the guarantee. We further recommend that customers use a lightly coloured stain to treat the wood, however this again is not part of the guarantee.

The guarantee becomes invalid if:

  • Product assembly instructions are not followed by the customer assembling the products (Our team will be available to assist with instructions if required),
  • Any customisations or adaptations are used on the product,
  • The products have been placed against anything that allows water to permeate the wood (including exterior walls, trees, or plants),
  • Part of the products are not treated annually,
  • The ground that the products reside upon is not firm and level or is not from a suitable material,
  • Part of the wood has been drilled or cut etc…, without any application of an approved cut-end treatment,
  • The claimant is not the original person who purchased it,

We want to be clear and honest with our customers, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.