Metal Fire Pits: A Guide

Metal Fire Pit

There’s something about fire pits. As cosy as a campfire but decidedly better looking, they are an amazing focal point. They also allow you to enjoy drinks in the garden long after the sun has gone down. There are plenty of different fire pits out there, but here’s why metal fire pits are the best investment you’ll make for your outside space.

Why is metal a good material for a fire pit?

Look around in garden centres or online and you will see a lot of options for metal fire pits. The most popular tend to be made from cast iron, copper, or galvanised steel. Cast iron is durable, but it’s super heavy which would make it hard to move around your garden. Copper is not so heavy but the downside is that it can turn blue-green as it weathers. Galvanised steel is durable, rust proof, and it looks the part. If you ask us, that would be our choice.

Types of metal fire pit

Once you’ve decided on a metal fire pit, you need to decide on what style of fire pit you want. There are several different types available from your basic bowl fire pit, to hanging options, and table fire pits.

Bowls are the ones you might see most often and it’s fair to say you’ve probably toasted some marshmallows on one. What’s not great about these fire pits is they give off so much smoke. Particularly if it’s breezy. You can’t really enjoy a cosy evening around the fire if you are coughing and spluttering!

Hanging fire pits are suspended in the air which means they won’t scorch your patio. Though obviously you can imagine what could happen if they weren’t properly secured.

In our opinion, table metal fire pits are the best option in terms of aesthetics, practicality, and safety. They’re perfect to gather around, they look great, and your guests can enjoy it while keeping a safe distance.

Why not just buy a patio heater?

If you’re burning wood on your firepit, it’s more environmentally friendly, not to mention cheaper to run. While wood is a renewable resource, patio heaters use either non-renewable gas or they use up a lot of electricity. Plus, you just don’t get the same cosy feeling from a patio heater that you get from a fire pit.

What should I burn in my fire pit?

Logs are the best option to burn on a fire pit. Opt for dense woods like oak or ash for a good long burn. And of course, make sure the wood isn’t damp or you’ll turn your garden into smoke central.

How to light a fire pit

Put kindling inside of your firepit. This can be scrunched up newspaper of firelighters. Cover them with a small pyramid of logs. Light the fire pit then gradually add more logs. Then sit back and enjoy the ambience.

Our metal fire pits

Do you want a seriously sleek fire pit for your outdoor space? Our Ash Outdoor fire pit delivers. Be ready for the ooh’s and aah’s once it’s lit and everyone is gathered around it. It’s the perfect centrepiece for socialising with seating for six people, and it will allow you to carry on the party once the sun has gone down and the chill sets in. This fire pit doesn’t just look the part, it’s practical too. Made from weather-resistant galvanised steel, it’s built to last and it’s designed for a clean burn to minimise smoke.

Our Ash Garden fire pit is the perfect choice for those who want a little luxury in their lives. Stylish contemporary design, check. Built to last, check. Integrated fabric seats for maximum comfort, check. In-built storage for your logs, check. Have we convinced you yet? When everyone and their dog wants to come to your outdoor gatherings to relax and socialise in luxury, that will be the real proof.

As the warmer days approach, are you looking for that finishing touch to really elevate your outside space? Take a look at our metal garden fire pits! For more garden inspiration, check out the rest of our blog or some of our most popular articles

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