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Sextuple Wheelie Bin Storage

Our Sextuple Wheelie Bin Stores provides storage for six wheelie bins and will keep your garden safe from having your waste ripped apart from foxes, badgers and other pests.

Just when you thought our wheelie bin storage solutions couldn’t get any more versatile or spacious, along comes our sextuple wheelie bin storage unit. These generously sized units are designed to accommodate up to six wheelie bins, providing a practical and elegant solution for managing your waste streams while offering additional storage space for various outdoor essentials.

Unmatched Capacity and Efficiency

Crafted with precision, our sextuple wheelie bin storage units are engineered to offer ample space. Allow you to store wheelie bins, recycling boxes, and much more. Whether you prefer the timeless allure of Scandinavian Spruce or the rugged resilience of galvanised steel, our materials are meticulously selected for their enduring quality.

Effortless Waste Management For Six Wheelie Bins

These units are designed for efficiency. With the ability to manage up to six different waste streams simultaneously, you can easily segregate and organise your recyclables, organics, general waste, and more. The extra space can also be used to store garden tools, logs, and other outdoor items, keeping everything neat and accessible.

Versatility Beyond Expectations 

Our sextuple wheelie bin storage units go beyond waste management. They offer multifunctional storage, ensuring that your gardening tools, logs, and various outdoor essentials remain organised and within reach.

Sextuple Wheelie Bin Storage, Ideal for Home and Business

These versatile units are perfect for both residential and commercial use. Not only that they will look great wherever they are positioned. Whether you want to enhance the aesthetics of your home garden or maintain an attractive exterior for your business premises, these units deliver on all fronts.

With straightforward assembly instructions, you can effortlessly transform your outdoor space into an organised and visually appealing area.

Key Features:

  • Generous Capacity: Accommodates up to six wheelie bins and provides additional storage space.
  • Efficient Waste Management: Simplify the segregation and organisation of multiple waste streams.
  • Premium Material Selection: Choose between the timeless allure of Scandinavian Spruce or the dependable durability of galvanised steel.
  • Versatile Storage: Perfect for garden tools, logs, and various outdoor items.
  • Suitable for All Settings: Ideal for both residential and commercial use.
  • Effortless Assembly: Designed for straightforward installation.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Aesthetics: Conceals bins and clutter, creating a neater and more appealing outdoor environment.