Why a Fire Pit Makes a Fantastic Addition to Your Garden

Fire Pit and Seating

You’ve worked hard to make your garden look great for friends and family gatherings. So you shouldn’t let a little thing like chilly evenings put you off. As well as providing warmth and light, a fire pit creates a modern yet cosy ambience in your outdoor space. Here’s why they’re a fantastic addition to your garden. 

Why have a fire pit?

A fire pit is not just a nice thing to have, it can be a savvy investment for homeowners. Here are just some of the benefits of investing in one. 

Enjoy your garden for longer

The warmth and light it gives off will allow you to spend as much time as possible in your garden, even when the temperature drops. 

It’s a great focal point

There’s nothing better than everyone gathering around a fire pit when you’re having drinks in the garden. Everyone can chat long into the evening and enjoy the cosy atmosphere. 

Elevate your garden aesthetics

There are different styles available to suit every garden, from rustic to modern. If you want to make your outdoor space look next-level, a fire pit could be a perfect addition to your setup. 

Increase the value of your property

Don’t underestimate the value of having an amazing garden with features like a fire pit. Your garden is the first thing prospective buyers see and it will create a great first impression. 

Safety – Things to consider

While they are a lovely addition to a garden, when it comes to open flames, it’s safety first. Follow these tips to stay safe. 

  • Locate your fire pit in an open area on flat ground, and make sure it’s far enough away from trees, plants, or your property. Most guidance suggests it should be a minimum of 10 metres away. 
  • If you have a wood-burning fire pit, use dry and seasoned wood only. Treated or painted wood will release toxic chemicals into the air as it burns. 
  • Don’t leave it unattended and be sure to keep children and pets away from it. 
  • When you’re finished using it, extinguish the fire fully with a bucket of water or sand. 

Fire pit maintenance 

Think of your it as an investment; like any investment, it needs to be maintained. Here are some tips to keep it looking and operating at its best. 

Clean it after every use

Remove any ash or debris, and any unburned wood. Remove any flammable materials to avoid anything catching fire that’s not supposed to. 

Inspect it for damage 

Check your fire pit regularly for damage like cracks or rust. 

Protect it from the elements

Cover the fire pit over when there is heavy rain or harsh winter weather forecast. 

Always use the right fuel

Only use the appropriate fuel and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

We think you’ll love our Ash Fire Pit…

Introducing our sleek and contemporary Ash Outdoor Fire Pit, an addition to your garden that will bring style, sophistication, and warmth to your outside space. 

Its modern aesthetic will provide the perfect focus for your outdoor gatherings and luckily, it’s designed to withstand whatever the Great British weather throws at it. 

Never again will you have to call time on your outdoor socials just because it’s getting a bit chilly. Just gather everyone around and carry on well into the evening. 

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