• 10 Year Guarantee*

    10 Year Guarantee*

  • Designed + handmade in Gloucestershire, UK

    Designed and Handmade in the Cotswolds

  • Bespoke design available

    Bespoke design available

Commercial Bin Storage

Commercial wheelie bin storage units come in a range of sizes and are not just for your house. They come in a wide range of sizes from 500 to 1100 litres. We can design and build larger wheelie bin structures if required. If you require a storage unit with a drop front door, please get in touch and our design team contact you to discuss your requirements.

Commercial properties are targeted more than most by people looking to dispose of their excess rubbish. To prevent this, businesses have turned towards commercial wheelie bin storage units. Above all, wheelie bin stores keep your waste away from prying eyes, local wildlife, or unwanted waste. However, they also protect your wheelie bins from various weather conditions, including excess sunlight and extreme weather.

We have taken care to reduce the damage we have on the environment. All our wheelie bin storage units are handmade in the UK from FSC and PEFC timber and are extremely hardwearing. By using wood only from FSC and PEFC forests we are supporting responsible forestry practices. We choose responsible delivery partners and our units will be delivered flat-packed on a pallet to make delivery more environmentally friendly.

Our Range Of Commercial Sized Storage

We are currently in the development of some of our commercial wheelie bin storage range. However, if you require more information about our commercial bin stores please get in touch via our live chat service or email your requirements to [email protected] and our team of experts will be able to assist.

500 Litre Wheelie Bin Storage

Our 500 Litre wheelie bin storage units are currently in design, they will be made by our talented craftspeople in the Cotswolds.

660 Litre Wheelie Bin Storage

One of the most popular sizes of the commercial wheelie bin. Our storage unit is designed to fit a single 660-litre wheelie bin, but we can manufacture multiple storage units if required.

770 Litre Wheelie Bin Storage

Our 770 Litre storage units are still in development. However, they will be made with the same FSC and PEFC timber as our range of household wheelie bin storage.

1100 Litre Wheelie Bin Storage

The most popular large commercial wheelie bin, we have designed our bin store to allow easy access to the bins while keeping your rubbish safe.

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