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Quadruple Wheelie Bin Storage

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Quadruple Wheelie Bin Storage

Elevate your outdoor space to the next level with our Quadruple Wheelie Bin Storage Units. These generously sized units not only enhance the appeal of your garden but also provide a practical solution for managing your waste streams effectively.

Quadruple Wheelie Bin Storage Units Designed for Size and Efficiency

Crafted with precision, our quadruple wheelie bin storage units are engineered to accommodate four wheelie bins, each up to 240 litres in size. Whether you prefer the timeless beauty of Scandinavian Spruce or the rugged resilience of galvanised steel, our materials are selected for their long-lasting quality and durability.

Versatility to Manage Multiple Waste Streams

These units are not just spacious – they’re also versatile. With the ability to manage up to four different waste streams simultaneously. You can easily segregate your recyclables, organics, general waste, and more.

And, while our units offer supreme functionality and practicality, they come with some surprises, too. For a stunning addition to your outside space, why not choose one of our quadruple units with planters? Add a stunning feature to your garden by planting lavender, grasses, herbs, and more. 

Perfect for Commercial Premises, Too

Beyond residential use, our Quadruple Wheelie Bin Storage Units are a perfect choice for commercial premises seeking to maintain an attractive exterior. These units effectively conceal unsightly bins. They help to contribute to a neater and more appealing outdoor environment.

With easy-to-follow assembly instructions, you can transform your outdoor space into a well-organised and visually appealing area.

Key Features:

  • Ample Size: Accommodates four wheelie bins, each up to 240 litres.
  • Efficient Waste Management: Easily segregate and manage multiple waste streams.
  • Premium Material Selection: Choose between Scandinavian Redwoods timeless beauty, the dependable durability of galvanised steel or why not a hybrid of them both?
  • Suitable for Residential and Commercial Use: Ideal for businesses looking to maintain an attractive exterior.
  • User-Friendly Assembly: Designed for straightforward installation.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Aesthetics: Conceals unsightly bins to create a neater and more appealing outdoor environment.