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Frequently Asked Questions

Wheelie bins are functional but not good looking. Having a wheelie bin storage unit help improve the appeal of your wheelie bins and organise your house. However, as they are not a regular purchase it is likely you will have a number of questions. We have included the most frequently asked questions below, but if you have any other questions please do get in touch via our contact form, live chat or email [email protected] and our team will be able to assist.

What sizes do wheelie bins come in?

Wheelie bin sizes in the UK are varied, we recommend double-checking your bin size before ordering. We offer bin storage for 120-360 litres, but as these are handmade in the UK by us, we are also able to customise your storage unit to your requirements. So if you need storage for larger or smaller wheelie bins get in touch via our contact form, live chat service or email [email protected].

Most household bins will be either 120, 140, 180, 240, or 360 Litres.

Are wheelie bin storage units easy to maintain?

Absolutely, all of our units come pre-treated, we recommend applying an annual treatment but apart from that, they are water-resistant and easy to maintain.

Do the wheelie bin storage units come pre-assembled?

No, our deliveries come flat-packed and as a result, does less damage to the environment. They come with a full instruction guide and most customers have been able to assemble the unit within an hour.

Depending on your location we may be able to assist you with assembly (additional charge not included). If you think you may require this get in touch via our contact form, live chat service or email [email protected].

Can I secure my unit to the floor?

If you require this option get in touch on our contact form, live chat service or email and our team will be able to discuss the options with you.

Is the wood FSC certified?

Yes, all our is from FSC certified forests, not only that it is also PEFC certified. Therefore you know that you are helping promote forest sustainability and helping the planet.

Do you supply trade customers?

Yes, we already supply several trade customers and are able to supply large quantities.
We offer our trade customers an account manager, to help deal with all your queries and be a point of contact in the organisation.
We can potentially organise a credit account for your business if required. Get in touch via [email protected] and our team will help you out.

I want a custom-sized wheelie bin storage unit…

We are able to help with this. If you are looking for a quintuple/sextuple or even bigger please contact us via live chat or email [email protected].

Can I return a wheelie bin storage unit?

This will depend on whether you have a custom made item or not. However, if this is something you are concerned about please get in touch and discuss your requirements before ordering.

What is the difference between Cotswold, Burford and Other Wheelie Bins Stores

One of the questions we get the most is what is the difference between your wheelie bin stores and the others? All of our products are made from sustainable environmentally friendly redwood and come with a 10 year guarantee as a minimum. We pride ourselves on our customer reviews and are confident that our wheelie bin stores are top quality.

Cotswold Wheelie Bin Stores

  • Designed to fit in with most fences and lawns,
  • Uses Stainless-Steel Screws for maximum durablility,
  • Fully made of the highest quality FSC and PEFC redwood,
  • Naturally resistant to fungi and bacteria,
  • Designed to be placed against a fence or wall, reducing the amount of raw materials needed,
  • Includes a minimum 10 year gaurentee,
  • 35% heavier than closest competior – leading to a more secure unit,
  • Maximum thickness of wheelie bin store.

From £299

Burford Wheelie Bin Stores

  • Designed to fit in with patios and decking,
  • Uses Stainless-Steel Screws for anything front facing.
  • Fully made of FSC and PEFC redwood.
  • Naturally resistant to fungi and bacteria,
  • Includes a minimum 10 year gaurentee,
  • 20% heavier than closest competior – leading to a more secure unit
  • Improved thickness of wooden walls compared to the majority of alternatives.

From £275

Other Wheelie Bin Stores

  • Often made from less weather resistant wood,
  • Will often use cheaper scews,
  • Uses wood that is not PEFC registered,
  • Tests have shown that compared to the Cotswold and Burford range of wheelie bin stores, it is lighter and of less sturdy construction.
  • Some wheelie bin stores are imported and not as durable as the cotswold made alternatives.