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Parcel Storage

Our home Parcel Storage is the best solution for people who use courier services and want to keep their parcels secure and dry, even if they are away from home.

Parcel Storage

Tired of missed deliveries and the hassle of rearranging parcel drop-offs? Embrace convenience and security with our Smart Home Parcel Storage Units. Say goodbye to those “Sorry we missed you” cards and hello to a more seamless and stylish delivery experience. These storage units provide a secure and dry place for your parcels while effortlessly complementing your home’s exterior.

Crafted for Elegance and Durability

Inspired by the appealing design of our Wheelie Bin Stores, our Parcel Storage Units combine the beauty of Scandinavian Spruce and the strength of galvanised steel across the range. This blend of materials not only adds elegance to your outdoor space but also shields your parcels from the unpredictable British weather. Receive your deliveries with confidence, knowing they’re protected in style.

Innovative and Secure Design

Our parcel storage solutions provide a clever opening system that allows couriers to deposit parcels in the top compartment while preventing access to the bottom section, where your deliveries are securely stored. This ingenious design ensures your packages remain shielded from prying eyes and safely housed until you retrieve them.

Compact and Weather-Resistant

Designed with a compact footprint, our parcel storage units can be conveniently placed right outside your home without overwhelming your outdoor space. Their galvanised steel construction and rainproof design are equipped to withstand all weather conditions, ensuring your parcels stay dry and protected and ready for when you come home. 

Key Features:

  • Elegant Design: Crafted from Scandinavian Spruce and galvanised steel for a sophisticated appearance.
  • Smart Opening System: Securely stores parcels while allowing couriers to deposit items without access to stored parcels.
  • Compact and Weatherproof: Designed for convenient placement and protection against the elements.
  • High-Quality Materials: Manufactured from durable galvanised steel with stainless steel fixings.
  • Stability and Convenience: Self-levelling feet and gas struts for stability and ease of use.
  • Easy Assembly: Designed for straightforward installation.
  • Versatile Placement: Freestanding design for flexible placement in various outdoor settings.