Does a Commercial Property Bin Store Need Planning Permission?

Commercial Property Bin Store

Getting planning permission can be a difficult and lengthy process. You probably know that you need planning permission if you want to make certain changes to your business premises. But what about if you want to invest in a commercial property bin store? Would you need planning permission? Here’s our guide.

What planning permission do you need for a commercial property?

Planning permission is needed for anything that can be defined as ‘carrying out any development on land’ under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. So examples of things you would need planning permission for include:

  • Building new premises
  • Changing the use of premises (e.g. from residential to commercial, or vice versa)
  • Major renovations or structural changes
  • Adding extensions to a building

However, planning permission is sometimes not needed and falls under ‘permitted development.’ So what about commercial property bin stores?

Storage of solid waste

The law says you must make adequate provision for the storage of solid waste on your business premises. The Building Regulations 2010 Requirement H6 goes onto say that the store should be:

Easy to access for the purposes of waste disposal and removal of your commercial waste bins for collection

Designed to accommodate the number and size of commercial waste bins you have

So I can get a commercial bin store?

In domestic properties, bin stores are generally considered to be outbuildings under planning regulations. Buildings like sheds, summerhouses, and garages would fall into this category and are classed as ‘permitted development.’

For commercial properties, however, the rules can vary. Any additions to commercial premises can potentially impact on the local environment and community. For example, if your premises is a listed building or if it’s located in a conservation area, planning rules can be stricter. Another thing to consider is whether your bin store could impact on the local neighbourhood. While your bin store is designed to keep your waste contained, you are still responsible for managing your waste properly and keeping your bin store secure. If your bin store is not secure it attracts vandals, and if your waste is poorly managed, it can attract pests. Neither will endear you to the people who live near your premises.

Commercial Property Bin Storage

If in doubt, ask your local authority

If you aren’t sure whether you need planning permission for your commercial property bin store, contact your local authority and speak to a planning expert. They will be able to offer guidance on whether there are any specific local regulations that might prohibit or curtail your plans.

Once you have your answer, why not browse through the practical yet super stylish bin stores in our range? They’re the perfect way to manage your waste while keeping the outside of your business premises looking inviting for clients and customers.

For more articles on outdoor space-enhancing bin storage solutions, check out the rest of our blog.

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