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Based in the beautiful Cotswolds, wheelie bin storage has years of experience in providing premium wheelie bin storage units. We supply private households, schools and builders with an innovative solution to hide wheelie bins and recycling boxes. As a result, we have designed a fresh range of aesthetically pleasing wheelie bin covers that are easy to build.

We have started offering two types of wheelie bins stores, our wooden bin stores have and always will be made in house by our team or carpenters. Our newly offered metal bin stores are manufactured in Poland. We sent a team out to the factory to inspect the quality of products and procedures in place. The whole team was unanimous that the quality of goods was exceptional and exceeded anything else on the market. The company we selected have been making bin stores for the German, Swiss and Austrian market for a number of years and have made product for the likes of King Albert of Monaco so you can rest assured that the quality of these metal stores are second to none.

All of our wooden wheelie bin sheds are handmade in our workshop in the Cotswolds. As a manufacturer of wooden products, we understand the need to respect the wood we use and above all, leave the planet in a better place than we found it. To accomplish this we only use FSC and PEFC certified wood, that supports sustainable forestry. Meanwhile, we focus on consistently improving our products making them even more sustainable. Our website is carbon neutral by offsetting the amount of carbon we produce, meaning that you can browse without damaging the world.

We focus on delivering customer service that we can be proud of. Therefore, we aim to resolve any issues you have, leaving you satisfied with your wheelie bins safely hidden away!

We are proud to be Made in Britain

All of our wooden products are handmade by our team of experts who between them have over forty years of carpentry experience. Check out our Made in Britain page for more information.

Thank you for visiting us, we appreciate every visit! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

What our customers have said about us…


Absolutely amazing! Our block of flats have had a real problem with foxes in London and they ruin the rubbish and get into the food. The bin shed has kept foxes and seagulls out and I can not recommend it enough, an excellent investment!

Cotswold Recycling Box Storage


10/10, Couldn't recommend more!

Cotswold Small Log Store


Amazing. The log store came well within the initial estimate and was easy to put together. Me and my wife were able to put it together within 45 minutes of getting it and it has been brilliant so far at keeping our logs dry!

Large Log Store

Cotswold Large Log Store


An amazing log store, I have had it for a while and it has been perfect. My logs have stayed dry and I have been able to use them for my firepit!


Really helpful company. We live on the Isle of Wight and it was all delivered without a problem. Arrived without full instructions but they quickly remedied this. Very pleased with the product and it looks very smart. Great piece of kit