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Our Cotswold Combination Wheelie Bin Storage unit is perfect for hiding all your recycling boxes and wheelie bins away. It is a beautiful addition to your garden. Importantly it is handmade in the Cotswold from FSC and PEFC Scandinavian redwood. We have a range of sizes that are suitable for any requirements. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.

All of our painted wheelie bin stores use OSMO country colour due to its unsurpassed durability and five star UV-protection, meaning that it will look fresh for years to come!

Please note: If you select DIY painting we will supply you with your wheelie bin store and a tin of OSMO Country Colour in the colour you selected. If you select unpainted, please select DIY Paint, no paint will be sent.

Wheelie bins and recycling boxes are commonplace in modern-day life. However, they are not the most beautiful thing, so what do you do? Our range of combination wheelie bin and recycling box storage units are perfect for keeping your boxes and bins safe and out of sight.

Specifically made to fit both wheelie bins and recycling boxes our Cotswold unit has received pre-treatment to keep it naturally resistant to bugs and fungi. The unit should be located on flat ground to provide secure grounding and structural integrity.

Our experts have taken the time to perfect our Cotswold combination wheelie bin shed. As a result, you can rely on getting a quality handmade product. It is ideal for preventing your wheelie bins from getting damaged through the great British weather. All the wood our team use is FSC and PEFC certified, as a result, this means you are supporting sustainable forestry practices while purchasing from a family business.

We use the market-leading OSMO Country colour for our wheelie bin storage unit. It provides unrivalled protection from fierce sunlight, which often dries wood out while damaging wood fibres, leaving them less resilient and more prone to damage. Often sunlight causes permanent discolouration and OSMO helps keep the wood in tact for longer.

Cotswold Combination Wheelie Bin Storage Specifications:

  • Handmade from FSC and PEFC Scandinavian redwood,
  • Able to hold 120, 140, 180, and 240-litre wheelie bins,
  • Easy access to wheelie bins with lifting lids,
  • Pre-treated with special green treatment to protect from bacteria and fungus,
  • Freestanding wheelie bin storage,
  • Roof designed to prevent water pooling,
  • Designed and handmade in the UK,
  • 10-Year Guarantee,
  • Easy Assembly,

Important Note: As our wheelie bin stores are made using fully natural products, as time goes on they will settle based on the ground they are placed on. If the ground is not flat and level you may occasionally need to refit the doors to allow smooth opening and closing.

Cotswold Combination Wheelie Bin Storage Dimensions:

One Wheelie Bin & Two Recycling Boxes Dimensions: 1210 mm x 825 mm x 1580 mm (H x D x W),

Two Wheelie Bins & Two Recycling Boxes Dimensions: 1210 mm x 825 mm x 2370 mm (H x D x W),

Three Wheelie Bin & Two Recycling Boxes Dimensions: 1210 mm x 825 mm x 3160 mm (H x D x W),

One Wheelie Bin & Four Recycling Boxes Dimensions: 1210 mm x 825 mm x 2370 mm (H x D x W),

Two Wheelie Bin & Four Recycling Boxes Dimensions: 1210 mm x 825 mm x 3160 mm (H x D x W),

One Wheelie Bin & Six Recycling Boxes Dimensions: 1210 mm x 825 mm x 3160 mm (H x D x W),

Internal Dimensions (for all above sizes):

This is a handmade natural product and therefore there are some tolerances of +/- 10 mm.

These dimensions are shown for a 180 or 240-litre wheelie bin, this unit can be made for other sizes if required. For other variations please get in touch with our team on live chat or email [email protected]

Delivery Information:

All of our Cotswold combination wheelie bin storage units are delivered flat packed on a pallet by our delivery partners. This makes the delivery more eco-friendly. We provide all fixtures along with the product and detailed instructions. For this product, assembly time may vary depending on the size of the product. We always advise that two people are present for construction, as this will make the building easier.

This unit is handmade to order and therefore delivery times can fluctuate. However, we will be in contact with you to arrange a delivery date that is suitable for you. If you need to confirm delivery dates before ordering please contact us on live chat or via phone.

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1 review for Cotswold Combination Wheelie Bin Storage

  1. Reggie

    Absolutely fantastic, I ordered the option for one wheelie bin and six recycling bins as I wanted to keep my paper dry and it does the job perfectly! Ironically our neighbour bought a similar one at the same time from somewhere else and you can really tell the difference between them. The quality of the wood and even the screws are much better. We are now waiting to see who’s will last longer… My money is 100% on mine

    • wheeliebinstorage

      Hi Reggie, we are so happy that you like your storage unit, we are actually looking to create a special recycling bag store just for this issue! We 100% put the money on your unit as well!

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