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Single Wheelie Bin Storage

Our premium quality Single Wheelie Bin Stores are specifically designed to conceal unsightly wheelie bins while complementing the natural landscape. Ideal for private residences and smaller business premises with just a single wheelie bin, they are made from premium quality timber, and delivered with all the necessary fixtures and fittings for quick onsite assembly.

As with all the storage solutions in our exclusive online collection, our units are manufactured in the UK from the finest FSC sustainable resources, and pre-treated for weather and stain resistance. To further extend the longevity and smart appearance of your wheelie bin store, it is recommended that you apply a stain based treatment annually to keep it looking as new.

Totally enclosed on all four sides and equipped with a lift up lid and front gate for easy access, our Freestanding Single Bin Covers can be fitted with a padlock for added security in public places, and secured to the ground with fixing bolts to create a more permanent structure.

A popular choice for gardens, patios, and driveways they are large enough to contain a standard wheelie bin (different sizes available), yet small enough to complement areas with limited floor space, so they are ideal for people living in terraced rows and shared accommodations.

High Quality Single Units

Our premium quality single timber wheelie bin covers are perfect for keeping rodents, vermin, and animals at bay too, so your rubbish and waste remains firmly locked up until collection day, and you never have to worry about spillages or unauthorised access.

Cleverly designed to allow fresh air to circulate around the bin and restrict the build-up of unpleasant odours, our Wheelie Bin Storage Units will transform your outdoor areas in an instant, providing a safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing cover for unsightly wheelie bins.

Do you have more than one wheelie bin? You can view our double wheelie bin storage units.