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Sherwood Quadruple Wheelie Bin Storage

Transform your outdoor space with the Sherwood Quadruple Wheelie Bin Store, a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. This quadruple-bin system not only elevates the look of your garden but also keeps it free from odours, insects, and wildlife. Ideal for those needing to store multiple bins for general waste, recycling, and garden waste, the Sherwood model offers an elegant and effective solution.

Crafted from Scandinavian Spruce and galvanised steel, this wheelie bin store is not just visually appealing but also built to withstand the test of time. It’s the perfect, stylish solution for storing your various waste bins.


Transform your outdoor area instantly with the Sherwood Quadruple Wheelie Bin Store. Its sophisticated, wood-fronted design complements both modern and traditional garden styles, adding elegance to any setting. This sturdy and attractive bin store accommodates four wheelie bins, each up to 240 litres.

Elegance and Functionality in One

The Sherwood wheelie bin store is designed for both beauty and practicality. It provides secure and convenient access to your bins, with easily accessible lids ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Smart Design for Enduring Appeal

The versatile design of the Sherwood Quadruple Wheelie Bin Store allows it to fit perfectly against fences or walls. Its self-levelling legs are suitable even for uneven surfaces, making it ideal for a variety of locations, including paved driveways and patios. The robust construction guarantees durability, safeguarding your bins against extreme wind, frost, snow and wildlife.

A Striking Feature for Any Outdoor Area

Constructed from the finest Scandinavian Spruce, known for its strength and visual appeal, our Sherwood Quadruple Wheelie Bin Storage is a testament to quality craftsmanship. Choose from treated or untreated wood, or customise with a stain to match your garden’s decor and style.

Sherwood Quadruple Planter Wheelie Bin Storage Specifications:

  • Capacity: Accommodates four wheelie bins, each up to 240 litres, perfect for sorting general waste, recycling, composting, and more.
  • Accessibility: Features lift-up lids for easy waste disposal.
  • Material: Crafted in the UK from weather-resistant galvanised steel and Scandinavian Spruce.
  • Hardware: All fixings are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Stability: Includes self-levelling feet and gas struts for stable operation.
  • Assembly: Designed for easy self-assembly.
  • Positioning: Ideal as a freestanding unit, best placed against a wall or fence.

Sherwood Quadruple Wheelie Bin Storage Options:

Wood Slats & Treatment:

The wood for our wood-fronted wheelie bin storage units is Scandinavian Spruce, we provide the option for our wooden slats to be either Untreated or Treated.

Untreated – This is the option if you want to apply a wood treatment or stain yourself or are happy with untreated wood.

Treated – With this option we will prepare your wooden slats with a clear treatment.

Treated & Stained – With this option, we will treat and stain using OSMO Natural Oil Woodstain, we stock a light (Light Oak) and dark (Oak) stain. If you choose this option, please let us know the colour stain you want on the order notes. (Please note: if you do not we will contact you to confirm, doing this can extend the lead time)


We provide the option for the metal of our wood-fronted wheelie bin stores to come in two different colours.

Anthracite Grey – For reference, this is RAL 7106.

Light Grey – For reference, this is RAL 7045.

Sherwood Quadruple Wheelie Bin Storage Dimensions:

External Dimensions: 1180 mm x 2960 mm x 800 mm (H x W x D)

Delivery Information:

Our Sherwood quadruple wheelie bin storage unit is delivered flat-packed on a pallet by our delivery partners. This makes the delivery eco-friendly, as a result, it reduces how much carbon dioxide it is responsible for. We provide all fixtures along with the product and detailed instructions. For this product, our customer feedback has been that it takes around 1 hour to assemble. We advise that two people are present for construction.

Delivery Lead Time:

Unlike our wooden wheelie bin stores, these units are stocked in our warehouse in the UK. We try to keep all specifications in stock at all times, however, on rare occasions, we may not have all the constituent parts. On these occasions, there may be a lead time for new stock to come into us. If you want to confirm our stock levels please contact our team on our live chat service and we will be happy to help. If you place an order and we cannot fulfil your order for any reason we will contact you straight away to offer an alternative or advise on lead time.

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