Common Garden Bins Problems and Solutions 

Bin Problems

Your garden can be your own haven from the world. The setting for fun family barbecues. A place to luxuriate over your morning coffee. But it is not without its problems, especially when it comes to bins. Here are some of the most common garden problems and solutions.

Problem: The Great British Weather

We’re approaching autumn and that means wet and windy weather. One of the most common garden problems with bins is they get blown over and spill rubbish all over your garden.

The solution:

Protect bins from the elements by investing in some wheelie bin storage. Lockable storage keeps your rubbish secure. No more picking up errant crisp packets from your lawn in the dark!

Problem: Security

Dark nights increase the chances of your wheelie bin being stolen. They also provide the perfect opportunity for identity thieves. Can you imagine someone rooting through your bins for that bank statement you absent-mindedly threw away?

The solution:

A wheelie bin storage unit is the perfect solution to this common garden problem. The unit will give you easy access to your bins but secures them against theft.  

Problem: Ugly bins that ruin the look of your garden

While we couldn’t live without them, wheelie bins aren’t the best looking things. If you’ve spent a long time making your garden look great, the last thing you want is unsightly bins on show.  

The solution:

Are you starting to see a theme here? Wheelie bin storage is the perfect solution if you want to disguise your bins. Also, if you don’t have much of a garden, you won’t want your wheelies to be the main feature. The solution? Invest in a wheelie bin storage unit with a planter and fill it with your favourite blooms.

Problem: Your wheelie bin smells BAD

This is a very common garden problem. You’re relaxing in the fresh air when all of a sudden, you get a whiff of the rubbish. The smell of your rotting food waste kind of ruins the ambience.

The solution:

There are a few things to think about here. You could try composting your food waste to reduce the amount you put in the bin. Try storing your bin away from direct sunlight too, as heat will make the waste decompose faster. Then, the thing you probably don’t want to do but should-deep-cleaning your bin regularly. It can be a simple as giving it a good swill with some hot water and washing up liquid. However, if there’s ground on debris in the bottom of your bin, you might need to blast it with a hose or power washer. To keep your bin smelling fresh, sprinkle some baking soda, lemon juice, or essential oil in the bottom.

The problem: Pests getting into your bins

Pests like foxes, rodents, and insects are always on the lookout for food. If your bins blow over or the lid isn’t closed properly, they can get access and have a feast. Rubbish ends up all over your garden.

The solution:

Pests are a common garden problem, so to keep them out, you need to keep your bins secure. A wheelie bin storage unit will prevent pests from getting at your rubbish.

Who knew that your garden bins could pose so many problems? But luckily, there’s an easy solution. We guarantee that a wheelie bin storage will be the garden accessory you never knew you needed. Until now.
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