How to Clean Your Decking 

How To Clean Your Decking

Decking can transform any garden but it does take a bit of maintenance. The main thing you need to do to keep your decking looking its best is to keep it clean. If yours is in need of some TLC, here’s our guide on how to clean your decking.

When should you clean your decking?

Decking is exposed to the changeable UK weather conditions all year round, so give it a  spruce up at least once per year. Don’t let it become one of those jobs you never get around to or you might be looking at some expensive repairs.

How to clean your decking step by step

1.       Prepare the decking

You can’t just blast it with a hose and hope for the best. Clear everything from your decking in preparation for cleaning including furniture, kids’ toys, and plant pots. Sweep your decking so that it’s free of dust, dirt, leave, and other debris.

2.       Use your hose or pressure washer to clean your decking

If you’re wondering how to clean your decking most effectively, a hose or a pressure washer will work well. Make sure you direct the water at the areas that need it most to get rid of any built-up grime and debris. One thing to note, if you’re using a pressure washer, use it on a low setting and keep your distance from the decking. Using it on high pressure and standing too close can damage the wood.

3.       Give your decking a good scrub

Once you’ve gotten rid of the worst of the debris, it’s time to give it a well-targeted scrub. Don’t skip this step if you want your decking to look its best for all those summer garden gatherings.

Firstly, use a gentle cleaning product so you don’t cause any damage to the wood. You can either make your own by mixing warm water and liquid soap, or you can buy a cleaning product formulated for decking.

Secondly, complete one of the most important steps in knowing how to clean your decking. Saturate your decking with the cleaning product and give it a good scrub with a stiff brush. Make sure you work up a good lather. Leave the product on for at least 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Leave the decking to dry.

4.       Got mould and algae? Here’s how to get rid of it

It’s all good knowing how to clean your decking, but what about that unsightly mould and algae? You need to get rid of it, because it doesn’t just spoil the look of your decking, it can be slippery too. Invest in a mould and algae remover spray- all you need to do is spray it on and leave it to work its magic.

5.       Use a sealant after a deep clean

Using a sealant on your decking will help protect the wood against moisture, mould, mildew, and rot. Once your decking is dry, give it another quick sweep then apply the sealant. Some products will take up to 24 hours to dry, so don’t put furniture, BBQ, and plant pots back until then.

We hope we’ve shed some light on how to clean your decking, just in time for your summer garden gatherings!

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