Why are Metal Wheelie Bin Stores better than wood?

Metal Wheelie Bin Stores

If your beaten-up wheelie bins are cramping the style of your garden, you might decide to invest in wheelie bin storage. However, with plenty of options available, what’s the best investment, and are metal wheelie bin stores better?

Metal wheelie bin stores vs wooden bin stores

While wood can be a cheaper option, if you invest in a metal wheelie bin store, no trees are felled at all. Our metal bin stores are made from galvanised steel so they’ll last for many years, and compared to wood, they need hardly any maintenance. You need to treat wooden bin stores every year (not to mention the sanding and painting!). The only maintenance a metal store needs is a good clean with soap and water when it gets dirty.

Worried that a metal bin store won’t look as good as a wooden one? Don’t be. Take a look at our sleek Mayfair double wheelie bin storage unit.

Metal wheelie bin stores vs plastic bin stores

Are metal wheelie bin stores better than plastic bin stores? While we aren’t averse to plastic stores, they do eventually wear and look a bit tired. Exactly the reason you wanted to hide your wheelie bins in the first place, right?

Metal won’t wear as readily and even though plastic bin stores are fairly secure, metal is much harder to tamper with. It’s the ultimate solution if you want an aesthetically-pleasing solution to keep your bins safe and secure.

Our metal wheelie bin stores

In our range, we have some sleek, modern metal wheelie bin stores. Whether you need a single, double, triple, quadruple unit, or something even bigger, we’ve got you. Metal bin stores combine practicality with good looks, and not only that, some even have a living roof. Perfect for giving you that extra planting space or making your wheelie bin store a beautiful focal point.

We think you’ll love:

Our Single Kensington Wheelie Bin Store– Perfect for hiding a single wheelie from view and giving you some extra planting space. Savvy gardeners can kill two birds with one stone and plant pest-repelling plants and herbs to keep them at bay.

Our Mayfair Double Wheelie Bin Storage is slicker than the average wheelie bin storage unit. With space for either two wheelie bins or one bin and two recycling boxes, it combines durability with a modern design that will enhance your outside space.

Want the best of both worlds? If you aren’t ready to forgo wood completely and you want something good-looking and low maintenance, check out our Elveden Double Wheelie Bin Storage. With wooden doors and a galvanised steel frame, you get a unit that’s made to last and that coordinates with the rest of your garden.

Want to find out more about why our metal wheelie bin stores are better than others you might see on the market? Get in touch with our friendly sales team and they’ll talk you through our sleek, modern options. For more interesting articles on how to enhance your outside space, check out the rest of our blog

or check out some of our best-selling products including our 

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