Spring Gardening Update 

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Now January is over, we can start to believe that lighter nights and warmer days are on their way. But though we’re still in winter, it’s the perfect time to get on with your spring gardening.

Spring Gardening To-Do List

Spring is the season when nature comes back to life. It’s also the time to clear up after winter storms and prepare your garden for the warmer weather. Here’s what you should be doing right now in your garden.

Plant Bulbs and Seeds

Plant bulbs and seeds for summer-flowering plants now. Your garden will be bursting with colour in just a few months.  

Tidy Up

After wild autumn and winter weather, your garden will probably need a good tidy up. Clear away leaves, debris, and old, dead plants from your flower beds and any borders. Remove any weeds too. Leaves and organic matter can go into your garden waste bin or compost heap. Speaking of compost, now’s the time to put some onto your borders to nourish the soil.

Spruce Up your Greenhouse

Giving your greenhouse a good clean is an important spring gardening task. Wash the outside with disinfectant, and wash the inside of the windows too. This will remove any grime build-up or nasty plant diseases that are lurking around.

Sweep the floor and shelving, then give the floor a good wash with disinfectant. Make sure plant pots, seed trays, and tools are all clean, ready for your new seedlings. Keeping your tools clean will make them perform better and last longer. Give them a good clean with hot water and a detergent. Dry them off then apply some oil to any sticky or clunky parts.

Get Rid of Pests

Garden pests will have been in hibernation during the winter. Come the spring, they’ll be waking up. So you need to nip this problem in the bud (pardon the pun) now. Check your plants for any slugs or snails that are hiding out. Make sure you check the crown, roots, and soil. If you find any pesky critters, get rid of them with an appropriate pesticide. If you are eco-conscious or concerned about using chemicals, use organic formulas.

Do Maintenance Jobs You’ve Been Putting Off

Have your fences and gates been bashed about in high winds? Do they look like they’ve seen better days and you want to spruce them up for the summer? Maintenance should be high on your list of spring gardening jobs. Make it your priority to replace anything that is broken. Clean fences and gates of moss or grime with a pressure washer. Then once the fence has dried out, treat it with a wood stain or preservative. 

Have You Started Your Spring Gardening Routine?

We’re not quite out of winter. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get to work on making sure your garden flourishes in the summer. Use our spring gardening guide as your to-do list, don your gloves, and get to work!

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