How To Clean A Wheelie Bin

How to clean a wheelie bin

You go to put the rubbish out and when you open the bin, the odour hits you. Phew, your wheelie really needs a clean. It’s not anyone’s favourite job, but it has to be done. But how do I clean my wheelie bin we hear you ask? Read on for our top tips.

Clear a space

Depending on the state of your bin, cleaning it can be quite a messy job. You’ll need plenty of space, ideally close to a drain where any debris can runoff. You’ll also need to be close to a water source if you use a hose or pressure washer (we really recommend this).

How to clean a wheelie bin: The Products

There are some good solid choices, depending on how dirty your wheelie is. If you need to get rid of ingrained grime and debris, use diluted bleach or an antibacterial disinfectant. If your bin only needs a general clean, some hot water and washing up liquid should do.

However, if you’re eco-conscious and trying to minimise the use of chemicals, there are some great options too. Have a rummage in your cupboards for some baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice (or essential oil). These make awesome natural cleaners.

How to clean a wheelie bin

Okay, I’ve got my products of choice, how do I clean my wheelie bin? you might ask. We suggest you fill your bin half full with hot water, then use a mop or hard brush to scrub away any stubborn debris. Tip the dirty water out down a drain, then give your bin a blast with a hose or pressure washer. Now is the time to let your detergent do its thing. Spray the inside of the bin with antibacterial spray or use diluted bleach and swill it around. If you’ve used bleach, let it work for a few minutes, then tip it out down the drain.

What if I’ve used natural products for Wheelie Bin Cleaning?

Repeat the steps above with the hot water and mop or brush. Then instead of using bleach or antibacterial spray, you can make a natural spray of your own. Mix warm water, vinegar, and a few drops of lemon juice or essential oil to make a cleaning spray. Spritz the inside of your bin. Finally, get some baking soda and put some in the bottom of your bin to keep it dry and odour-free.

Don’t forget the outside of your bin

Use a large sponge, some hot water and your cleaning spray of choice to clean the lid, wheels, and sides of your bin. Germs can lurk here too!

I’ve cleaned my wheelie bin, what now?

Germs love moist environments, so you have to make sure you let your bin dry before you use it again. Turn it upside down, or on a sunny day, just leave it out with the lid off to air dry.

Have we inspired you to clean your wheelie bin? We hope so! For more interesting articles on all things wheelie bins, check out the rest of our blog

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