10 Easy Garden Improvements

nice garden

Do you ever think that you want to make some garden improvements but then just want to enjoy the garden? Whether you are selling your house, or you just want to beautify your outside space for some summer entertaining, a tidy, well-kept garden is a must. First impressions count, and if a prospective buyer comes to view your property, the garden is the first thing they will see. And if you are having a summer barbecue, do you really want family and friends to be greeted by weeds, overgrown bushes, and an overflowing wheelie bin? Maybe not.

Here are 10 summer garden improvements:

Invest in wheelie bin storage

Your wheelie bin does a great job. It’s functional and practical, but admittedly, not the nicest thing to look at! Consider investing in a smart wheelie bin storage unit. You can either buy one or make one yourself, and there’s a huge range to choose from. The unit might even end up becoming a feature of your garden in its own right. And it won’t just make your outside space look a whole lot prettier, it will keep your bins away from potential vandals and pesky wildlife who want to get at your rubbish!

Work on your boundaries

Look at what you see first when you look out into your garden. Is the first thing you see a rickety fence or an untidy hedgerow? Consider building a nice fence from charred timber, or give your existing fence a facelift with some wood stain. Tidy up hedges or bushes that grow around your property as if they are unkempt it makes your property look uncared for.

flower garden

Garden flower power

If your garden is full of weeds and your borders are looking a bit sorry for themselves, be ruthless and get rid of the weeds and any plants that look like they are past their best.

Think about what type of plants you want (for example, do you want plants that come back every year?), then consider the colours you want in your garden. Play around with plants of different types and heights to beautify your outside space.

Improve your garden with some tree and shrubs

Before adding any trees or shrubs to your garden, consider if any need to be taken away. Prune anything that is overgrown, or if you feel like your garden needs a beautiful apple tree, or some pretty, leafy shrubs, why not plant some? It can be a lovely thing to watch your garden change from season to season.

Go potty over garden improvements

If you put plants in attractive pots, it not only helps to give them stability from the wind, it makes your garden look even nicer too. Terracotta or wooden pots always look good, but make sure you give consideration to where you are going to put them, especially if they are bigger pots, as once you have chosen a spot for them, they are hard to move!

Think about a kitchen garden

There’s something satisfying about growing your own fruit and vegetables. Tending to tomatoes, strawberries, or potatoes, knowing that you can’t get much fresher produce is a rewarding experience. And a vegetable patch, herb garden or apple tree really adds a touch of prettiness to any garden.

Beauty is not on the surface, but it’s a good place to start

Cheap, uneven, and cracked paving looks unsightly. Decking looks nice, especially reclaimed timber, and patterned tiles, such as those that were popular in Victorian houses are often used on pathways. Gravel is another good choice, as long as it is professionally laid.

Improve your garden space with a view

Does your neighbour have a wildly overgrown garden, or rubbish piled high, spoiling your view? You can try planting a shrub or similar that draws the attention, taking attention away from the offending view.

Think about a summer house for your garden improvements

You don’t need to spend a fortune on garden storage, you can simply buy a normal shed and dress it up however you want. It will be attractive to potential buyers and a great space for escaping or entertaining in the summer months.

Water, water everywhere

A water feature enhances the look and feel of any garden. It could be anything from an ornamental birdbath, to a Japanese pond or stones. They promote a feeling of relaxation, water is so good for a garden in general. Especially in places with changeable weather, and we definitely have that in the UK.

Extra tips to garden improvements

The devil is in the detail, so follow these tips for making your garden look the part.

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