How You Can Help Protect Forests and Woodland

The trees that surround us every day, in our woodlands and forests are under threat from climate change, land development, pollution, population growth and from tree diseases and pests. If we don’t act to protect them now, it’s bad news for the planet, and for us. The biggest threats to trees Pests and diseases Pests […]

Get your Greenhouse Ready for the Spring

Now is a good time to clean your greenhouse to get rid of any pests and diseases it’s harbouring before spring arrives. This time of year, it’s likely to contain far fewer plants than it does at other times of the year, and there’s not too much to do in the garden either, so you’ll […]

How to Help Birds Survive in the Winter

Just when we thought spring was on its way, winter has reared its ugly head again. As the UK braces itself against snow and ice, spare a thought for the wildlife, especially birds, that have to survive in severe weather conditions. In the winter, it’s a lot harder for them to find food for energy and […]

How to Set up an Easter Egg Hunt in Your Garden

It’s officially British springtime, and if you’re a keen gardener, you’re probably ready to get stuck into a season of new projects. But before you do, it’s Easter next weekend, so why not turn your garden into a place that’s full of fun for your children or grandchildren and have an Easter egg hunt? Craft […]

Ten of the most bizarre things found buried in gardens

bizarre garden

There are always jobs to do in the garden, from trimming hedges and planting, to completely renovating to create more space or suit your taste. These ordinary jobs can sometimes prove life changing for some people, or at the very least provide a great story to tell at dinner parties. has researched some of […]