What Are The Advantages Of Bin Storage?

advantages of wheelie bin storage

Especially in the UK, keeping your wheelie bins safe and protected can be a very annoying problem. There’s not just the weather to take into account, but also wildlife and the fact that wheelie bins are generally very ugly. There are a few different solutions to these issues, but one that seems to work particularly well is wooden wheelie bin storage units which help to keep your wheelie bins secure. These units store your wheelie bins simply and easily, locking shut while still allowing you to access them easily and help with making your bins look a lot less of an eyesore too.

Wheelie bin storage does sound like a bit of a fancy concept, there’s no denying that. But particularly if you live in an urban or suburban environment, there are numerous advantages. It’s no secret that foxes and rats are a big problem in these areas, often getting into wheelie bins and causing chaos with rubbish. It’s a nuisance to have to clean up, especially if you’re bleary eyed at 7am and don’t fancy picking up last night’s takeaway boxes – and this is one area that wheelie bin storage can really help with. The storage locks with bolts, meaning that it’s easily accessible for you, but keeps pests such as foxes being able to get in, tip over your wheelie bin and run amuck with your rubbish.

This isn’t the only advantage of wheelie bin storage, though. Whether you opt to store all your bins, your recycling boxes or other bins, having them safely shut away in a store can be a big help, particularly in the autumn and winter months. The storage will stop the bins blowing over or the lids banging around in our horrible British weather and also helps to prevent water building up on the bin lids or around the rim which could then ice up and make getting into the bin a workout in itself. There really is nothing similar which can help to protect your bin from all the elements so easily.

Bins are an eyesore, let’s be honest. Yes, they might be nice colours, but who really wants to look out into their back garden that they’ve worked so hard on and see plastic bins cluttering up the view? If this is something which bothers you on an everyday basis when you look out of your kitchen window, wheelie bin storage could be the perfect solution to your problem. This storage can be made out of wood so it blends in with the natural look of your garden, making your bins seem far more like they belong without ruining the view that you’ve worked so hard on.

Of course, these are just a few advantages of wheelie bin storage and there are plenty more. Whether you need safety and security or are just sick of looking at brightly coloured plastic, there is a wheelie bin storage solution for you no matter how many bins you have. For a low price, you could easily solve your storage problems and have the solution that you know your neighbours will be jealous of – what better way to be the talk of your street! We have a range of single wheelie bin storage units, as well as double, triple and combinations stores.