Bored with Your Garden Shed? Here’s Some Inspiration!

funny sheds

Who doesn’t love a garden shed or even a modern and stylish wheelie bin storage shed? It can really add to the look of your garden, it’s a great storage solution for garden equipment and tools, and much more.

But as well as making your garden clutter free, a shed can become something spectacular. People are increasingly turning their garden sheds into summer houses, offices, workshops, or simply just a relaxing haven down at the bottom of the garden.

Here are some of the entrants for Shed of the Year 2017. After reading about these, using your shed just to store your lawnmower will seem pretty boring!

The Eco Shed

One entrant’s shed was made from leftover timber and board from previous DIY projects, which meant that raw materials, energy, and precious cash was saved.

The Recycle Shack

This shed is made from 95% recycled materials, mostly wood from pallets. The other materials were taken from skips, like tin for the roof and wall, and the 2 windows. Bottle tops are used for decoration on the walls, and these were donated by local pubs. There are also old car number plates and tin signs adorning the walls, and an old apple crate is a makeshift shelf. The furniture in the shed is made from pallet wood, and there’s some that a bistro was going to throw away. The flooring is made from reclaimed scaffold board. The shack is powered by solar power, which powers LED lighting. The shed owner made everything himself as he is a carpenter by trade.

recycle shack

The Rat and Badger pub

One entrant has created what they call ‘the UK’s best garden pub’ in their shed, and it comes complete with a dart board, fruit machine, a fully-stocked bar, and a plush Wilton carpet. There is also decking outside and landscaped grounds.

The Taxi

One person used their ingenuity to convert an old London Black Cab into a work and social space! They might have had to smash through their garage wall to drive it through into the garden, but the end result was definitely worth it, and it makes a great focal point for their outside space.

taxi shed

The Woodland Stargazer

The owner calls this shed an escape from the modern world. It comes complete with recycled stag antler chairs and a log burning stove. The owner lives in the Highlands, where there is very little light pollution, so at night, you can gaze up at the stars. The shed is insulated with sheep’s wool and only sustainable logs are burned for fuel. Only sustainable materials were used in its construction, and a light powered by solar power lights up the pathway to the shed after dark. There are wildlife habitats and bird boxes, and the shed was designed and built off site, then lifted on to where it sits, so that plants wouldn’t get damaged.

And finally…

The Loo

This shed looks like your run of the mill shed from the outside, but inside, there’s a compost toilet! It has a living roof, made from flora and fauna, it’s disabled user friendly, there are net curtains, a carpet made from Astroturf and hanging baskets. Bet you never thought you could visit the toilet in such style!