How to Build a Wheelie Bin Storage Unit

Although wheelie bins have a purpose that we just cannot be without in our everyday lives; it is a known fact that they are a rather unsightly addition to any garden, especially on collection days when having to leave them outside of the front door. Building your very own storage unit will certainly keep your bins hidden away from view and protect them from harsh weather conditions and damage. Although purchasing a pre-made unit may be much easier if you are unable to carry out manual work, building your own would be the cheaper option, aswell as being tailor made to your own garden and specific needs.

Follow our advice below as a rough guide on how to build your very own wheelie bin storage unit and see if you can create a garden masterpiece!

Choosing the location for your storage unit is the first stage that needs to be thoroughly thought out. The bottom of the garden may seem ideal to ensure that your bins are out out of sight, however, take into consideration that you will need to drag your bin across the garden on a weekly basis which may become a slight irritation. Choose a spot close enough to your house for easy transportation, but far enough to prevent odours becoming too obvious. This would be especially relevant should there be any sitting areas nearby.

Building the correct size unit is another concept to contemplate, especially if you have a number of bins you hope to store away. Measure the total area that is required as well as any further room for opening doors for easy access and transportation.

Create a solid base so that your storage unit remains level and sturdy. Dig out a section of turf where you plan on building your unit, then lay down paving slabs or concrete which will prevent the wood from rotting and the bin from sinking into the mud. Using solid bases will prevent your grass from becoming churned up and the flat surface means you will never struggle pulling the bin out. Concrete would be the better choice as it is a flatter surface, but would need a great deal of expertise to guarantee that it is laid correctly.

Build the frame of the unit using wooden pallets or timber and later add the walls to the framework, securing with a drill. If you are hoping to add a door, make sure you purchase anti-rust hinges to attach it correctly and finally add a piece of corrugated iron to use as the roof. To ensure that your unit is completely weather proof, it may be worthwhile to also buy a weather resistant sealant, especially during the winter months for greater protection of both the storage unit and your wheelie bin.

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