Does Your Business Need Bin Storage?

Improve Your House Value

Do you need bin storage? Every business produces waste as a result of its operations, so it’s necessary to have bins. Both to manage the waste you produce and to comply with the law. But bins can bring problems like:

  • Blowing or tipping over, leaving the waste strewn around. You have to take the time to clear it up, or get someone to do it, at your expense.
  • Other people using your bin for their rubbish.
  • Theft of your bins leaving you to foot the bill to replace them.
  • Unauthorised access to your bins which leaves your premises at risk of arson or theft

What’s the bin storage solution?

If the problems above blight your business, you need wheelie bin storage. It allows you to easily access the bin, but also keep the bin secure and inaccessible to anyone trying to gain unauthorised access.


They’ll keep your bins out of the reach of vandals

The storage units are fully enclosed on all sides, with lift-up lids (some of which have an automatic opening feature). The opening gates have bolts and you can add more locks If needed. The units are freestanding; however, they can be secured to the ground by fixing bolts for extra security if unauthorised access to your bins is a concern.

Easy Access

The lift up lid makes it easy for you to dispose of your waste. The access gate allows for easy removal of the bins.

Easy Assembly

All of our wheelie bin storage units come in a flat pack with clear assembly instructions. They are often pre-drilled to make assembly easier.

Bin Storage is more aesthetically pleasing

We all need bins and they do their job well, but they aren’t the best looking things in the world. Our bin stores are available in stylish designs which will not only enhance the look of your workplace. They’ll hide your bins from view to keep them out of reach of thieves, vandals and wildlife. Plus they’ll protect them from adverse weather conditions.

They are a cost-effective investment

Especially if you have three bins. Purchasing a wooden triple wheelie bin storage unit will cost you less than paying for the potential damage caused by theft and arson. The cost of cleaning up rubbish that has been strewn around your premises by wildlife or bad weather. Or the cost of having to deal with waste that someone else has dumped in your bin.

Is wheelie bin storage for you?

Wheelie bin storage units are an effective solution for households, schools or businesses. In fact, anywhere there is rubbish and recyclables storage. Whether you have limited space or you have a large outdoor area, you’ll find the perfect wheelie bin storage unit for you in our range. If you need any help or advice, contact our expert customer service team who will be more than happy to help you.

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