Declutter Your Garden in 5 Easy Steps

Declutter Your Garden in 5 Easy Steps

Summer is finally upon us, and if your garden is desperate need of some TLC, now is the perfect time to dig out your lawnmower, sharpen your secateurs, and give your garden a makeover with the latest decluttering tips and techniques.

It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ we collect over a year, and once the cupboards, garage and garden shed are full to capacity, much of that ‘stuff’ starts to flow over into the garden. Bikes, children’s toys, wheelie bins, tools, and firewood are just some of the items that can mess up our beautifully manicured lawns, and if your cluttered patio or driveway is having a negative effect on your curb side appeal, it’s definitely time to throw out the old, bring in the new, and declutter your garden with these 5 easy steps…

Step 1: Sort, Throw & Recycle

The first stage in decluttering your garden is by having a good old sort out. You need to be brutal here, and get rid of anything that is broken or that you are not likely to use again, such as old plant pots, tins of paint, toys, and garden furniture.

If your shed or garage is bursting to capacity, try to create space by throwing away those items that have been lurking at the back of the shed for years. If you haven’t used it or needed in the last 5 years, the chances are, you won’t need it in the next 5 years, so recycle what you can, and send everything else to the local tip.

Having a good sort out is incredibly therapeutic, and once you have created extra space in your shed or garage for the things that you really do need, you can begin to declutter your patio, terrace, balcony or driveway, and give your outdoor areas a fresh new look.

Step 2: Invest in a Double Wheelie Bin Storage Unit

Wheelie bins are an everyday essential for most households, and while they are extremely practical for storing our rubbish and recyclable waste, they are not the most attractive of items to have in your garden. If you have two or more wheelie bins cluttering up your garden, invest in a stylish Double Wheelie Bin Storage Unit, and keep them out of sight and out of mind until collection day arrives.

Made from weather-resistant timber and designed to complement all natural landscapes, wheelie bin stores are purpose built structures, specifically designed to keep wheelie bins locked up and out of view. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit all gardens, they are easy to install, equipped with lids and gates to provide quick and easy access, and best of all, they keep the local wildlife at bay so that your rubbish remains exactly where you left it.

Step 3: Prune, Trim and Mow

Now that your shed is in order and your wheelie bins are out of sight, you can begin to declutter your garden. Start with any overgrown bushes and plants, cutting them right back to give them a new lease of life, before tackling weeds and any clearing pathways and block paving. Now you can see your lawn again, give it a good trim, and if necessary, drench it in lawn food to restore its bright green colour and fill up any patches.

If you don’t have as much time as you would like to spend in the garden, remove all plants that require constant attention, and consider replacing some of your lawn with wooden decking. It looks great and it’s easy to maintain, so you’ll have less mowing to do, and more time to enjoy your garden.

Step 4: Build a Log Store

Wood burning stoves are hugely popular these days, and so at this time of the year many homeowners find themselves with a stockpile of wood in the garden. If you have logs cluttering up your outdoor areas, invest in a purpose built log store that will not only keep your firewood neatly stacked and out of sight, but it will also protect it from rising damp and excessive rain.

Step 5: Give Your Fence a Makeover

Now that your garden is decluttered and beautifully manicured, the only thing left to do is get your garden fence in order. Start by repairing any damage, before sanding it down and applying a new coat of weather-resistant varnish to give it a new lease of life. Alternatively, you could add a pop of colour to your outdoor areas by painting your fence with weatherproof paint, and create a garden that you can be proud of.