Do I Need Parcel Storage?

Parcel Box Storage

We’ve all been there. Getting that sinking feeling when you’re not at home but you get a notification that your parcel has been delivered. Has the driver left it out in the rain, or in full view where anyone could just walk past and get it? There’s one way you can ensure you receive future deliveries stress-free; by investing in parcel storage.

What is Parcel Storage?

A parcel store is an outdoor lockable storage unit that allows delivery drivers to safely and securely deliver your parcels when you’re out. Drivers can deposit the parcel which drops gently into the lower compartment which is locked. Parcel security has never been more important. A recent report found that parcel theft and loss in the UK is on the increase. Between May 2021 and April 2022, more than eight million parcels were lost or stolen.

The Benefits of Parcel Storage


Fed up with having to wait in your house all day for deliveries or getting home late and missing the driver? Not to mention having to spend time and money travelling to a collection point? With a parcel store, you don’t have to worry about that any longer. Delivery drivers can deposit your parcel securely at any time of the day.

Prevents theft

Parcels left in plain sight or not so well hidden behind wheelie bins are a target for thieves. Get peace of mind that your precious items will be locked away safely until you get home.

Protects your parcels from the weather

To say that the British weather is changeable is an understatement. It may be bright and sunny when the delivery drivers leaves your parcel tucked behind your wheelie bin. However, if the heavens then open, you could have a soggy and damaged parcel by the time you get home. Parcel storage will protect your goods from the elements.

Where Should I Put a Parcel Storage Unit?

For convenience for you and for delivery drivers, we’d recommend locating it near your front door. However, if you’re not keen on that idea, we have parcel stores you can place in a bank with our wheelie bin storage units.

Are Parcel Storage Units Easy to Maintain?

It depends on whether you opt for a wooden or metal store. A wooden fronted parcel box, like our Sherwood Parcel Box Storage Unit has a wooden front so it will need treatment, just like any other outdoor wood. Metal parcel stores like our Mayfair Parcel Box Storage Unit are made from galvanised steel which needs minimal maintenance. All that’s required is that you clean it occasionally with soap and water.

Are you fed up with delivery dramas? Get in touch with our friendly sales team to find out more about our parcel stores. For more articles on the essentials you need for your outside space, check out the rest of our blog.


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