Dreaming of a Log Fire on Those Chilly Nights? You Need a Log Store

log stores

The chillier nights are on their way. If you have a wood burner or open fire at home, you’ll know the joy of feeling cosy as the nights draw in. You’ll also know how it feels to wish you didn’t have endless piles of firewood lying around. Invest in a log store and that won’t be a problem.

A log store will keep your firewood organised and most importantly, dry. Freshly chopped wood contains 50% water, it needs to be dried out before use as firewood. Dry wood is easier to light and gives off more heat.

Picking one

Our log stores are available in a range of different sizes, so as well as storing your supply of wood, you can also use it to keep garden tools in, especially when the weather is warmer and you don’t need to store so much wood.

Where should you put your log store?

  • Keep your log store in a dry location where the logs will get plenty of air. Avoid dark or damp places.
  • It’s okay if your logs get a little bit wet occasionally.
  • A dry area is best, preferably sheltered by trees? This would be an ideal spot.
  • Putting it against a wall is a good idea, as the wall can help to keep some of the rain off the store.
  • Most importantly for you, it should be conveniently located. In the winter, are you going to want to be trudging through mud to the bottom of your garden to collect heavy logs?

What type of surface should I sit my log store on?

  • Ideally, it should sit on a level surface, so it’s stable. If the terrain is uneven you can level it off first.
  • Firm-ground where you want your log store to be situated. You don’t want any sinking or movement. Stood on paving slabs is a good choice. Standing it on top of gravel is also a good idea, as it drains quickly and less rain will splash off it and onto your logs when it rains.
  • Try to keep the base of the store as dry as possible. Even though the timber we use is treated, you will find the log store will remain in excellent condition for longer if kept dry.

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