Garden Decluttering Essentials

Recycling Bin Storage

The summer is here, and what better way to enjoy it than to spend lazy sunny days in the garden? But what if the sight of your garden fills you with dread? Whether it’s full of weeds, discarded household items, or old toys, you need to consider garden decluttering.

Here’s our top Garden Decluttering Tips:

Keep it generally tidy

Whatever time of the year it is, keep your garden free from leaves and debris. Even just a general sweep up can make a huge difference to how your outside space looks.

Make sure you weed flower beds, mow the lawn, and keep your hedges kempt. Repair or replace any shabby fencing. Pick up any litter that may have strayed into your garden; after all, it’s all about enjoying tidy surroundings, and of course, kerb appeal.

Beautify your outdoor space

You can start decluttering your garden to look prettier by hanging baskets, planting colourful bedding plants, investing in some garden furniture, or a barbecue. This will make your garden more relaxing for you, and more welcoming for guests.

Look after the general maintenance

Keep your shed tidy; treat the wood and make sure locks are working. Make sure there is no broken glass in your greenhouse. If it looks too shabby, remove it, and use the base as an area to keep pot plants in.

Say goodbye to clutter

Clear out outhouses, garages, sheds, and greenhouses. Remove any debris and clutter, and take things to the tip if necessary. Anything you want to keep, store in boxes and label them.

Put any outdoor toys away

If your garden is cluttered with toys it can look untidy, so clear away or get rid of any unwanted toys. If they are in good condition, you can always try selling them online.

Spruce up your garden with a spring clean

Invest in some good cleaning products and tools to help keep your patio, decking, and garden furniture clean. You will be amazed at what a bit of sprucing up can do for a garden that looks a little uncared for.

Decluttering your garden with storage

To keep your garden clutter free, outdoor storage is your solution. It’s practical and it can really add that certain something to your garden. Here are some of the most popular garden storage solutions:

Triple Wheelie Bin Storage

Garden Sheds

Sheds are available in a huge variety of sizes and styles and can be selected to fit your garden perfectly. Sheds are so versatile, and as well as being perfect for storage. They can also be an outside room or a man (or woman) cave. Perfect for decluttering your garden of all your tools!

Storage tanks

Tanks can be used for many different things. One of the most popular uses for a tank is to collect rainwater, which gardeners do to reduce their dependency on tap water. Considered better for plants, rainwater contains nutrients and no added chemicals. Tanks can also store compost in a similar way to compost bins.


Outdoor seating with added storage is excellent for gardens where there is not a lot of space. An outdoor storage bench is also an excellent multipurpose storage solution. This type of furniture makes excellent use of available space, but it generally doesn’t allow for enough storage to be considered as the main storage solution. They are excellent for decluttering your garden equipment and toys.

Wheelie bin storage

You might not want your wheelie bins on show when you have the family over for a barbecue. Considering that most households have at least 3 different bins, and numerous recycling boxes, they can spoil the ambience of the lovely garden you have worked so hard to create. Invest in a triple wheelie bin storage unit to hide bins and boxes from view. You can choose a unit that fits the space you have available and which suits the style of your garden.

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