How do Badgers get into wheelie bins? And how to stop them

Badgers are omnivorous, which means they’ll eat pretty much anything. From earthworms to small animals, fruits, plant bulbs, and birds’ eggs, anything goes. However, in times of food shortage, badgers will raid bins to find food. Here’s how to keep badgers out of wheelie bins.

Why are badgers attracted to wheelie bins?

If badgers get into your bins, it’s almost always because they are on the lookout for food. They have a very strong sense of smell, and they’ll take the smell of last night’s food scraps as an invitation to root around your wheelie.

How to keep badgers out of wheelie bins

Badgers are strong animals and they are good climbers. This means they’ll knock your bin over or climb into it if they are given the chance. If you want to avoid rubbish spilling all over your garden or stop a badger from getting stuck in your bin, try these things:

Keep your bin lid securely closed

If your bin lid is secure, a badger won’t get access to your rubbish, even if it knocks your bin over.

Use an extra-strong bungee cord or bin lock

Bin locks are easy to install and stop pests like badgers getting into your bin. A strong bungee cord will also work, though it’s not a hugely practical or nice-looking option. Secure the bungee cord around the middle of your bin or over the lid and attach it to a fence or other solid structure.

Clean and deodorise your bin often

Badgers have a sense of smell that’s around 800 times as strong as a human’s. That means they’ll have no problem sniffing out those food scraps you put in your wheelie and forgot to double bag!

Give your bin a regular good clean with disinfectant and hot water to get rid of lingering odours.

Deploy some deterrents

Want to keep badgers out of wheelie bins? Consider deploying some deterrents. Badgers are very cautious by nature, and there are things that will spook them and deter them from your garden. Motion sensor lights or loud noises work as a deterrent, as does the scent or sight of a human or a dog.  It’s important to note that badgers are protected by law, so it’s an offence to harm them.

Invest in wheelie Bin storage for your garden

This is the only way to prevent unauthorised access to your bins, whether it’s a badger, fox, or hungry cat. As well as keeping your bins safe, a timber wheelie bin storage unit will really enhance the look and feel of your outside space. For more interesting articles on keeping your wheelie bins safe and secure, check out the rest of our blog

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