How do foxes get into wheelie bins? (And how to stop them)

Foxes are an increasingly common sight in our towns and cities. The main reason for that is there are so many available food sources. From food discarded by takeaways and restaurants to the delicious morsels we throw in the bin, it’s all fair game. Here’s how to keep foxes out of wheelie bins.

The problems foxes cause

Urban foxes can be a nuisance. From digging up your garden to attacking small pets, they can cause problems. Then there’s what happens when they get into your wheelie bins. Because foxes are scavengers, they are incredibly food driven and persistent when it comes to finding a meal. So how easy is it for a fox to get into your bin?

Well they are excellent jumpers and climbers. Most foxes can jump three to four feet in the air and thanks to their claws, they can scale walls up to six feet tall. So your wheelie bin with the improperly closed lid definitely isn’t going to be a barrier to them finding food.

If foxes get into your wheelie bins, they can rip open rubbish bags and leave waste strewn all over your garden. This not only looks awful, but it’s unsanitary too. Rubbish in your garden, especially food waste, will attract other pests like rodents.

How to keep foxes out of wheelie bins

If you want to keep foxes out of your bins, there are several different strategies you can adopt.

  1. Make bins less appealing to foxes

Foxes have a keen sense of smell which leads them to any goodies in your bin like that discarded chicken carcass you threw away. If you put food waste in your bin, especially if it’s meat or fish, double bag it to mask the odour. You can also try using scented bin bags. Another important tip is keeping your bin clean so you keep pest-attracting odours at bay.

  1. Use a motion sensor light

Foxes are sneaky and determined when it comes to getting food. However, they are also quite shy and easily spooked. Pest control companies often recommend the use of motion sensor lighting to scare them off.

  1. Use bin locks

Bin security is important if you want to keep foxes out of wheelie bins. Make sure your bin lid is securely shut and for extra peace of mind, invest in a bin lock. Bin locks are an effective and budget-friendly way to keep pests out of your bins.

  1. Don’t leave bags lying next to your bin

A rubbish bag left lying next to your bin is an open invitation to a hungry fox. If you’re often left struggling to fit rubbish into your bin, you have a few options. Look at ways you can reduce your household waste or ask your council for a larger bin.

  1. Invest in wheelie bin storage

If you want to keep foxes out of wheelie bins, this is the way to do it. Not only will a wheelie bin store keep foxes out, it will really enhance the look of your outside space. If you often get foxes in your garden and you want to keep them out of your bins, follow our tips. Here’s to no more discarded rubbish on the lawn!

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