Life Hacks to Make Dealing with Your Bin a Whole Lot Easier

ugly bins

You might hate putting the bins out, but with bin life hacks it can be easier! Bins can be smelly, and they can be unattractive, but they do an essential job.

So maybe you can’t avoid bin duties but you can follow these life hacks to make dealing with your rubbish less of a drudgery.

Got a bin problem? Well there’s a life Hack!

Problem: Dirty, smelly bins

If the odour of your bins turns your stomach, you need to deal with it. Odour means there’s bacteria present.

Bin Life Hack: Get your bins sparkling clean

  • Cleaning your bin will get rid of any bacteria that is causing nasty smells. It’s a good idea to clean your bin next to a drain so the water finds its way into the sewer.
  • A good way to clean your bin is to scrub the outside with a disposable scourer (used for the dishes). With either an eco-friendly cleaning product or some soap and water. Clean the inside by making up a bucket of hot soapy water, pouring it into the bin, and using a mop to give it a good clean. Rinse the bin well and leave it open to air dry.

But if the cleaning sounds like hard work, you can always take steps to prevent your bin from getting too dirty and smelly in the first place.

  • Use good bin liners. Invest in those made from a thicker material, which may cost more but then they won’t leak and split so waste ends up inside your bin. You can buy bags with plastic or elastic ties too. You can even buy scented bin bags to keep odour at bay!
  • Think about buying some industrial bin bags. Take one and put it into your wheelie bin and clip the edges down if you need to. This will give your bin extra protection.

Problem: You hate the way your bins look

Even if you manage to get your bins smelling sweet, nothing can distract you from that fact that they just don’t look very attractive.

Bin Life Hack: Beautify your bins or get a crafty disguise

  • You can buy stickers for your bin if you want a quick way to make it look prettier. A more permanent option is to invest in a bin store or screen. These will not only keep your bins out of sight and secure but improve the overall look of your garden too. They are available in different sizes and different designs. So you can choose one which meets your needs and suits the style of your garden.
  • You can also buy storage units, which also come in many different sizes. Whether you have just one bin or many, the storage units come in single, double, triple and even quadruple sizes. There are also combination options for both bins and recycling boxes.
Bin Life Hack

Problem: Your bins are full to bursting

You can barely fit another thing in your bin. When you can’t close the lid and rubbish is spilling out, it’s really not a good look for your bin. Plus, if bins are too full, sometimes refuse collectors won’t take them away.

Bin Life Hack: Invest in a bin compactor or ask for an extra bin

  • There are a few things you can do in this case. You can either buy a bin compactor. A device that you can clip to the edge of your bin. When you put rubbish in, you just swing it over and squash the rubbish down. Leaving more space in the bin. They cost about £20, but it might be worth your while.
  • If you find that your bins are full to the brim regularly, try asking your council for an extra wheelie bin. They might charge you for it, but it’s worth the investment in the long run.

Problem: Bin collection day slips your mind

We have all got so much to remember these days. With council budget cuts leading to changes in services, it’s little wonder we get confused about what is supposed to be collected and when.

Bin Life Hack: Set a reminder on your smartphone

  • Set an alarm or reminder on your smartphone to remind you to put your bin out. Throughout the week, set time aside to do a ‘rubbish sweep’; empty your kitchen bin, sort your recycling, and clear any trash from your car. This will make you far more prepared by the time bin day comes around.

Problem: Potentially hazardous waste

Bin Life Hack: Protect yourself and dispose of hazardous waste appropriately

  • Always wear gloves if you are handling trash. You should not put glass in with your general waste, it should be put into the designated recycling bin or box.
  • Some items must be taken to a proper recycling facility. They can pose a hazard if they are put in with general waste. Acids, pesticides, fluorescent lamps, and batteries must be taken away for correct and safe disposal.