New Home? Have You Thought About Wheelie Bin Storage?

Moving house is stressful, to say the least, all that packing and unpacking and getting settled, so of course, bin storage probably isn’t the top of your to-do list. But once you’ve moved, gotten yourself settled and unpacked, bin storage might be something you do want to consider. There are many reasons why wheelie bin storage is a great idea for any home, whether you’ve just moved in, or been living there 20 years – but if you have just moved in, it can be a great way to start improving your home, even if it is from the outside in.

Wheelie bin storage can have huge advantages for you, especially if you’ve moved into an area that you don’t know very well. The storage itself consists of a lockable timber shed like structure which houses your bin (or bins, depending on which storage option you opt for). Not only is this weatherproof but can also help to improve the look of your driveway or garden too.

One of the biggest advantages of wheelie bin storage is protection either from the weather of from pests and vermin that live outdoors. There is no denying that the British weather is awful and this can often lead to wheelie bins leaking, getting blown away or being iced over which is a pain, to say the least. This is where wheelie bin storage can really come into its own, keeping your bin protected from these elements and stopping you having to listen to bin lids banging and rattling around all hours during the winter period. They also ensure that you can still get into your bin no matter what the weather and that the lid won’t have frozen shut which is a definite advantage too.

Weather isn’t the only hazard for you and your wheelie bins, though – pests – wild animals such as foxes and rats can be a big annoyance too. Not only can foxes push your bins over, they can also run off with rubbish, leaving lots of mess for you to clean up and definitely making you less than popular with your new neighbours. This can all be avoided with wheelie bin storage, as this system keeps foxes away from your bin, preventing them from knocking it over, running off with scraps and just generally causing havoc. This will also stop them coming back, again and again, looking for food, keeping you, your family and your new home safe.

Wheelie bins aren’t the prettiest thing either, and if you’ve just moved into a new house, chances are you’ll want it looking as pretty as possible. Wheelie bin storage solves this problem, as the natural timber hiding the bin makes it look a lot nicer and ensures that it blends into your garden much nicer than colourful plastic. This kind of storage also looks great on your driveway too, though, giving your new house a very clean and tidy finish to neighbours and anyone else driving past.

While it may not be your top priority when you’ve just moved, wheelie bin storage definitely should be on your list of home improvements somewhere. It offers plenty of advantages, those listed above and many more, protecting your bins and making your garden and home look well-kept and cared for which is always important when you’re trying to charm your new neighbours!