How to Stop A Smelly Bin

How to clean a wheelie bin

With the warmer months very much here, are your thoughts turning to how you can prevent the dreaded smelly bin? There’s no getting away from the fact that rubbish smells, but you can do something about it. Here’s how to keep your wheelies smelling fresh all year round.

Keep your Smelly Bin Clean

We might be stating the obvious but keeping your bin clean is the best way to banish a smelly bin. That means giving it a regular rinse out with hot soapy water or diluted bleach. Are you concerned about using harsh chemicals? There are plenty of organic antibacterial cleaners on the market. 

Odour Preventing Hacks

Once your bin is sparkling clean, you want it to stay that way. There are some hacks you can use to prevent your bin from smelling.

You can try lining your bin with newspaper. This will soak up any liquid and stop smelly bins in their tracks. Cat litter works in a similar way.

If you don’t have newspaper (or a cat), try bicarbonate of soda. Sprinkle a handful on the bottom of your bin and it will absorb odour and moisture. For extra freshness, sprinkle a few drops of lemon essential oil in your bin or add lemon peel.

Finally, the last odour-preventing hack we have for you is using a specialist bin smelly product. We stock and sell the Bin Buddy in Citrus and Berry which is a fantastic product for wheelie bins as you sprinkle about a tablespoon (more if its really stinky) in the bottom and any liquid gets absorbed by the powder and emptied in your bin collection.

Be Careful About What You Throw Away

Organic matter like food breaks down faster and it’s often the cause of an unpleasant bin smell. If you do throw food waste away, wrap it in newspaper or double bag it before you put it in the bin. This helps stop odours from escaping. However, instead of throwing food waste away, you could always recycle or compost it.

Prevent a Smelly Bin with Wheelie Bin Storage

Investing in wheelie bin storage can stop that bin smell from escaping into your beloved garden. Here’s how.

It protects your bins from direct sunlight

Sunlight equals heat and heat makes waste break down faster. Then you get the smell. A wheelie bin storage unit will protect your bins from the sun and slow down decomposition.

It keeps your bins secure

Odours will escape if you can’t or don’t close your bin lid. Wheelie bin storage is fully enclosed on all sides. This allows airflow around your bins and stops odours from escaping.

Wheelie bin storage protects your bins from pests

Flies get into your rubbish and germs multiply. Pests like rodents, gulls, and foxes rip open bin bags. Smelly rubbish ends up all over your garden. Wheelie bin storage keeps your bins out of the reach of pests. The fact it prevents odours from escaping means pests won’t be attracted to your bins in the first place.

You want to enjoy your garden in the summer. The last thing you want is a horrible smelly bin hanging around. Try out our wheelie bin life hacks and keep your bin smelling fresh as a daisy all year round.

For more interesting articles on all things wheelie bins and wheelie bin storage, check out the rest of our blog.

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