How to Stop My Wheelie Bin Blowing Over?

Blown Over Wheelie Bins

The weather is getting a bit windy and wild, and that means one thing. Worrying about how to stop your wheelie bin from blowing over. Rubbish all over the lawn. A wheelie bin ends up halfway down the street. We’ve even seen flying wheelie bins put windows out! So what can be done?

Hacks to Stop Your Wheelie Bin Blowing Over

Decide if you should really put it out

Okay, we admit that if you have a large family, this is a luxury you might not have. However, if come collection day, your bin is only half full, you might decide to skip this collection. When your bin is out for collection in a windy street, it’s vulnerable to the elements. So the longer you keep it in a secure place, the better.

If you do put it out for collection, put it out at the last minute if you can. Bring your bin back onto your property as soon as you can after collection too. Not only does this reduce the chances of your wheelie bin blowing over, but it also reduces the risk of theft and vandalism too.

Store your bins somewhere safe and secure

Where do you store your bin? If you don’t store your bins somewhere secure, they could be at risk from high winds. So where and how should you store your wheelies?

Well, a fenced-off area or somewhere sheltered from the wind is great. Storing your bins next to a wall, fence, or hedge will go some way to sheltering them from the elements. Remember too that firm, level ground is your friend when it comes to stopping your wheelie bin from blowing over. An unstable wheelie bin is more likely to topple.

Of course, if you want to stop your wheelie bin from blowing over, we have to mention wheelie bin storage units. Invest in one of these and it will protect wheelies from the elements as well as hide them from view.

What if I have nowhere to store my bins?

If you don’t have a designated wheelie bin storage area, there are still options.

Can you position your bin next to a wall or fence? You could fit some hooks and tie a bungee rope around your bin to keep it secure. Another option, if you have a few bins, is to use a bungee rope to tie a few of them together. Admittedly it doesn’t look great and it’s not hugely practical.  However, it could work if you’re out of other options.

How Can I Keep My Bin Lid Secure?

What if your problem isn’t your wheelie bin blowing over? What if it’s your bin lid flipping open on windy days so your rubbish ends up all over the place? Well, we’d recommend investing in a bin lock. They are easy to install and protect your bin from high winds as well as pests and potential thieves.

Could I Just Put Something Heavy In or On My Bin?

If you want to stop your wheelie bin from blowing over, you might have considered putting a brick on top of your bin. Or maybe putting something heavy inside it to weigh it down. While they seem like reasonable solutions, consider this:

Could a brick or rock on top of your bin end up causing injuries or damage if it fell off? Putting a heavy item in your bin makes it heavier. This seems like we’re stating the obvious. But just make sure it’s not so heavy that you put your back out when you have to move it!

How do you stop your wheelie bin from blowing over? We’d love to know. Have you already adopted one of our tips, or something else? For more interesting articles on wheelie bin storage, looking after your garden, and the environment, check out the rest of our blog. Fed up with your wheelie bin blowing over? Take a look at our beautiful handmade wheelie bin storage solutions. From units, for one bin to quadruple storage units, there’s something for every family. Not sure which unit to go for? Get in touch with our friendly sales team via email at [email protected] and check out the rest of our blog for even more helpful articles!

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