Things to Do in Your Garden Before You Jet Off On Holiday

So you’ve checked and double-checked that you have your tickets and passports. You’ve cancelled the newspapers and made sure your home is secure, but what about your garden? If your garden is your pride and joy, you don’t want to come back and find it full of dehydrated plants and weeds. To make sure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste, we’ve got all your garden holiday tips!

So you think you are ready to go but are you?

Garden holiday tip #1 – Get rid of any dead flowers

Get rid of dead flowers and give your plants the chance to take advantage of any sun (or summer rain) so you’ll hopefully see some healthy new growth by the time you get back.

Garden holiday tip #2 – Mow the lawn

Give your grass a trim before you go to keep it healthy and in check for your return.

Garden holiday tip #3 – Pull some weeds

You might be busy on the run-up to your holiday. Spending some time pulling weeds in the garden can save you trouble when you get back. Weed by hand or at least spritz weeds with a weed killer before you go.

Garden holiday tips

Garden holiday tip #4 – Give your soil a protective coating of mulch

Cover soil, flowers, and borders with mulch and any rainwater will be retained for the plants and soil to absorb when they need it.

Garden holiday tip #5 – Move your potted plants into the shade

Move any potted plants into the shade. Close to each other so they can still take in rainwater and absorb moisture from each other.

Garden holiday tip #6 – Put plant pots on a saucer

Since you won’t be there to water your plants, put them on a saucer, ideally a terracotta one. Doing this will catch water leaving you safe in the knowledge that your plants won’t be parched when you go away. Of course, give them a good watering before you go too.

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