Turn Your Shed into Santa’s Grotto This Christmas

christmas shed

Who says that Christmas decorations are limited to your home? Why not give the kids a Christmas they’ll never forget and transform your trusty shed into Santa’s Grotto?

How to turn your shed into Santa’s Grotto

Clear the shed

Most people’s sheds are full of tools, gardening equipment, and everything but the kitchen sink! Clear your shed by investing in some handy garden storage ideas where you can keep your belongings, or use a garage or utility area temporarily.

Once everything is cleared out, give it a good clean, and make sure you get rid of any cobwebs, dirt, and dust.

Consider a paint job

Add a lick of white or blue paint for a winter wonderland theme, or traditional red and green to add to the festive theme. If you don’t fancy painting the entire shed, you can paint the doors, window frames, and fascias.

Pick a festive theme

It could be a traditional Santa’s Grotto, or what about a gingerbread house or winter wonderland?


Decorations are the key to a great grotto, and are a great way to get the kids involved. Here are some ideas:

  • Hang some tinsel and baubles, and make sure there’s a chair for Santa
  • Use spray-on snow on the windows
  • Hang some stockings up so Santa can dish out his presents
  • Hang fairy lights inside to give the space a warm glow

It’s all about lighting

As well as the fairy lights, why not add icicles or coloured lanterns to the roof and front of your shed? You can also consider having some LED reindeers or decorating your garden trees and bushes with lights to really set the scene.

Plan some fun activities

Play games with the family, like pin the red nose or tail on Rudolph, or ask the kids to write their Christmas lists or make a wish.

Don’t forget Santa!

Once your grotto is complete, it’s time for the entrance of the main man himself; Santa! Ask a friend or family member to dress up as Santa, and to give out gifts to the children and let them tell him what they want for Christmas.

Perfect Christmas complete!