What is in your Shed?


There are standard things that most people keep in their garden shed, but rather than filling your shed to the brim with junk and boring stuff, why not invest in some garden storage and free up your shed space for something a little more fun?

What do you keep in your shed?

Here are some of the most popular items that people keep in their trusty garden sheds:

Gardening tools

Lawnmowers, strimmers, shears, and spades are best kept outdoors so that you don’t end up trailing mud into your home. If your equipment is expensive, consider having a metal shed, or one without windows, to make sure that it’s secure.

Garden furniture

Keeping furniture inside can protect it from getting too weather-beaten and it will keep it looking its best for longer.

Tool Shed

If you consider yourself a DIY buff. You are likely to have a vast array of tools and your shed is the perfect place to store them and keep them well organised.

Outdoor toys

Trampolines and other outdoor toys are popular on summer days. The changeable UK weather means that they can’t be kept outdoors all the time, so store them in the shed for easy access. Do keep them away from sharp tools or hazardous substances like weed killer though.

Bike Shed

Sheds are ideal for storing bikes, especially if you have limited space. Just remember to take security precautions.

Turn into an outdoor storage shed

If you invest in some outdoor storage for your belongings, you can do something a bit more interesting with your shed… For your bins, you can view our range here.

Make a home for your pets

Keep your rabbits or guinea pigs all warm and snug or how about making it into an aviary? With a few adjustments to make the shed animal friendly, there are endless possibilities.

Make music

If you or your child aspires to be a musician, how about practising in the shed? It’s far enough away from the house and you can even soundproof it!

Turn it into a bar

A garden shed can make an amazing bar. Add a fridge, optics, a few bar stools and maybe even a jukebox. You have your own party venue at the bottom of your garden.

Make a games ‘shed’

Whether it’s table football or even a cosy space to play board games, your shed can make a great little retreat.

Somewhere to do your hobbies

No matter how much equipment or fiddly bits and pieces you need for your hobby. It is the perfect place to paint, sew or do pottery without making your house look like a bomb has dropped.

Turn it into a workshop

If you like projects, like rebuilding motorbikes or something similarly messy and oily. Why not turn your shed into a workshop where you can build things and take them apart to your heart’s content!

Make a summer house

What’s better than having somewhere to sit on a summer afternoon and sip a glass of wine? Make it look pretty with some strategic décor and little elegant touches for a home that’s not that far away from home.

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