Why Every New House Needs Wheelie Bin Storage

Whether you are updating an existing property or building a brand new one, a premium quality new house bin storage should be an integral part of your landscaping plan.

Wheelie Bin storage

Specifically designed to keep unsightly rubbish receptacles out of sight and out of mind until collection day, timber wheelie bin storage units are commonly used by housebuilders, architects and landscape gardeners to create designer-inspired gardens and outdoor areas that not only improve your curbside appeal, but they could potentially add value to your property.

What Is It?

New House Bin Storage (otherwise referred to as wheelie bin chests, cupboards, sheds and/or storage units), are purpose-built structures designed to keep ugly rubbish receptacles out of view. Made from the finest quality timber that is sourced from FSC sustainable forests, wooden wheelie bin stores are available in a variety of different styles to complement both rural and urban landscapes, and come in several different sizes that can hold anything from one to three bins and a range of recycling boxes.

In most instances, wheelie bin storage units are delivered flat-packed and designed for onsite assembly. Customisable with ground fixing bolts to create a more permanent structure. Both the lids and front access gates are securable with padlocks or locking mechanisms to prevent tampering and unauthorised access in public areas.

Beautifully made to blend seamlessly into your garden or patio, wooden wheelie bin sheds look great. They are affordable and best of all, they keep the local wildlife at bay. So your rubbish remains exactly where you left it, and your freshly manicured garden retains its perfect appearance.

Wheelie Bin Storage for Trade & Professionals

Wheelie bin stores may be a relatively new concept. But they have already taken the landscape gardening world by storm. Many home builders, contractors and architects installing them in the gardens of new builds and housing refurbishment projects.

These compact storage units are popular with Garden Designers and Landscapers too. Who appreciate just how much value a quality timber wheelie bin store can add to a garden design project. Aesthetically pleasing, weather-resistant, and perfect for disguising unsightly bins and recycling boxes. They can transform a garden or driveway in minutes, and create that clutter-free environment that many new homeowners are looking for.

It is no secret that a well-maintained garden can add instant value to a property. Some real estate agents suggesting that it could add up to 20% to the asking price of a home. So it makes perfect sense for home builders and property renovators to invest in outdoor areas with block paving, decking and wheelie bin stores to ensure that potential buyers get the right first impression.

Wheelie Bin Storage

Wheelie Bin Storage for Homeowners

According to a survey commissioned by GardeningExpress, British gardeners spend an average of £30,000 on their gardens during their lifetime. While much of that goes on plants and gardening equipment, a large percentage goes on garden storage solutions and furniture.

Those with smaller gardens are turning to wheelie bin storage units with rooftop planters to maximise outdoor space, while those with two or more wheelie bins and recycling boxes prefer the larger combination storage units that allow you to store all your rubbish receptacles in one neat wooden chest.

Why You Need a New House Bin Storage

Wheelie bins may be a necessity, but they’re big, they’re bulky, and they are often brightly coloured, and so they can distract from the true beauty of a landscaped garden, and create a bad first impression of a new home.

If you would like to add value to a new property or enhance an existing renovation project. A modern timber wheelie bin store could be just what you need to create a clean, clutter-free environment. Making your garden, patio or driveway that anyone would be proud to own.

Wheelie bin stores not only tidy up outside areas. They also keep the local wildlife and vermin at bay, they prevent unauthorised access. While protecting wheelie bins from strong winds and inclement weather conditions. So your garden stays litter free and your bins remain hidden from view.

Simple, stylish and affordable, wooden wheelie bin stores belong on every modern property. Why not invest this summer and transform your outdoor areas with this fantastic garden storage solution. Interested in even more helpful tips and interesting articles on all things wheelie bin storage? Check out our blog.