Wheelie Bins That Put Themselves Out: A Prank?

wheelie bin prank

Do you find yourselves arguing about who’s turn it is to put the wheelie bins out? It’s a chore that nobody likes to do. British inventor and YouTube extraordinaire Colin Furze has come up with a solution that the whole family is going to love… a remote-controlled wheelie bin! Made as a prank to fool the British public and bring humour into daily life. Furze modified a regular green wheelie bin with electric wheelchair components so that he could move it remotely from a hidden location.

He used stickers to create a ‘face’ on the front of the bin. Positioned it in a variety of different positions in both residential areas and the high street in Stamford, Lincolnshire. In a bid to trick rubbish collectors and unsuspecting shoppers.

With over 2.5 million YouTube followers. Furze’s new video soon went viral, and it has now had a whopping 983,669 views worldwide. It has also been featured in many of the UK’s leading newspapers. Who have come up with some wheelie good stories (sorry)…!

Wheelie Bin Prank 1

The first wheelie bin prank in Furze’s 2:53 minute YouTube Video features a rather confused bin man. Who was left standing with his arms in the air after the wheelie bin left at the curb side simply scurried away as he approached it.

Not sure whether to run after the bin or get back on his truck. The poor bin man followed it down the street for a couple of seconds before the wheelie bin picked up speed and sped off out of sight! A comedy classic!

Wheelie Bin Prank 2

Next up, the remote control wheelie bin made its way down the UK high street. Stopping at traffic lights and waiting for them to turn green before making their way across the zebra crossing. Much to the amusement of both drivers and pedestrians. However, when trying to pull a ‘wheelie’ the wheelie bin went too far, ending up lying on the floor – a possible fault in Furze’s design?

The good citizen returned the bin to its wheels, was left somewhat shocked when it started rolling down the street next to him. As were local shoppers and young children who couldn’t decide if this moving single wheelie bin was fun or just a little bit scary!

Wheelie Bin Prank 3

Perhaps the most daring wheelie bin prank of all. When it entered a popular high street clothing shop and made its way through the rails. Shopper’s actually moved out of the way to let this remote-controlled trash can enter the shop. While, as usual, the shop assistants did nothing at all!

Outside of the shop, one lady couldn’t resist having a peek inside the wheelie bin. Was rewarded by being chased down the street…

Wheelie Bin Prank 4

The final prank of the day involved a young street busker who could not continue with her song when this comical looking wheelie bin starts ‘dancing’ in front of her. Left in a fit of giggles, she definitely saw the funny side of Furze’s prank.

When asked about his latest invention, Colin Furze said, “’I have a solution for you, you lazy people… you’ve guessed it, a remote control trash can/wheelie bin, whatever you want to call it.” He continued, “What a lovely machine, you can stick your bin out without even stepping outside.”

You can read more about it here. If you are interested in even more helpful tips and interesting articles on all things wheelie bin storage. Check out our blog.

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