How Gardening Helps the Environment

If you love gardening, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not only great for your physical and mental health, it’s pretty good for the environment too. This is because plants help purify the air, and so the trees, shrubs, vegetable crops, flowers, and herbs in your garden actually help reduce pollution.

Plants release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, and they also filter out and eliminate toxins. Not only that, they provide nourishment for insects, birds, and other wildlife.

How can you help the environment?

Plant a tree in your garden

Trees do the same as plants but because they’re bigger, they’re a much bigger filter for pollution. Choose a fairly low-maintenance tree that’s suitable for growing in the changeable UK climate.

Plant things in that attract bees

Bees do an important job. Many of the plants we rely on as a food source need pollination, especially by bees. Consider this, the cotton we need for clothes has to be pollinated, as do the plants that feed livestock. So the more bee-friendly plants you have in your garden the better. The top bee-friendly plants include lavender, allium, foxglove, lupin, geraniums, and wisteria. Take care not to use too many pesticides, and definitely don’t use them on flowering plants.


Indoor plants help the environment

On a smaller scale, you can purify the air in your home with indoor plants. They’re great for removing air pollutants like dust and pet hairs, so they’ll really help if you suffer from allergies. The best plants for purifying your air indoors include aloe vera, spider plants, peace lily, reed palm, and weeping fig.

What else can you do?

Start by getting a few houseplants and adding a few more plants to your garden. Then if you don’t already, start growing your own fruit and vegetables. You’ll have your own tasty produce minus the astronomical carbon footprint.

Happy planting!

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