Reviewing The Triple Wheelie Bin Storage Unit

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Choosing bin storage can be tricky. Especially if you’re looking at opting for the triple wheelie bin storage system. It is a big unit, so you need to ensure that you have the space available for it. Providing that you do, it can be the perfect way to keep all of your bins together.

What is a Triple Wheelie Bin Storage Unit?

The triple wheelie bin storage is perfect if you have a general waste bin, recycling bin and garden waste bin. As it allows you to keep all three together in one unit. The triple unit gives the bin a uniform look while keeping them safe and secure which is a real winner of the storage. Have a quick look through the range here.


The storage itself is lockable, no matter which size you go for. The front of the unit locks with a bolt, meaning you can choose to add a padlock for extra security. This is particularly useful if the bins will be in public areas. Preventing them from being tampered with, but can also be useful at home for that extra level of security.


Another advantage of this bin storage is that the storage goes right down to the ground. This means that scavenging animals, such as foxes or even cats or rats, will be unable to get underneath the storage and into the bin. Providing an extra level of security that is rarely offered with any other type of storage.

Dark Grey Metal Wheelie Bin Storage - Triple - With Garden Lid - With Wooden Slats


As the triple bin storage system is a large unit built from high-quality timber, you can rest in the knowledge that it won’t blow away or fall over in the wind. That being said, if this is something that you are concerned about, it is possible to anchor the storage unit either to the floor or a nearby wall if this will help to give you peace of mind.


If there is a particular colour of finish that you would like on your storage system. You are able to paint or stain the unit as you please. However, not necessary, as the wood is pre-treated and weatherproof. It is a great option to be able to personalise the wheelie bin storage unit if you want to.

Triple Wheelie Bin Guarantee

The triple bin storage unit also comes with a 15-year guarantee. Produced in the UK from high-quality timber, it is extremely unlikely that you will have any issues or problems with your storage unit. However, if anything ever arises, you know that you’ll be well covered and be able to have any of the issues worked out quickly and easily.


The units come as a flat-pack, which for some is an advantage. Some may not like this, but the unit comes with complete assembly instructions. So even building the unit for yourself shouldn’t be too time-consuming.

Triple wheelie bin storage, the perfect solution?

The triple wheelie bin storage unit is the perfect bin storage solution! If you have a lot of bins and want something that will hide them easily, it is ideal for you. It stops them from being an eyesore while keeping them secure at the same time. These are just a few of the advantages of the storage system. If you want to find out how much of a difference the triple wheelie bin storage system can make to your life, you just need to try it out for yourself. Why not check it out here.

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