Wheelie Bin Storage Solution: Keeping Your Rubbish Out of Reach from Wildlife

Whether you live out in the countryside or in the centre of London. Chances are, you will have experienced the local wildlife raiding your wheelie bins! No longer just a problem for those living in rural areas. The urban fox is now widespread in most UK cities, as are rats, mice, cockroaches and ants. If you want to keep them out of your garden a Wheelie Bin Storage Unit is one of the best solutions.

Why are Wheelie Bin Stores a great solution?

Wheelie Bin Storage

Wheelie Bin Stores are a relatively new concept, but one that is already taking the gardening world by storm. A purpose-built storage unit, specifically designed to keep unattractive wheelie bins out of sight and out of reach from the local wildlife, they are available in a variety of different sizes, styles and designs to complement every garden, and finished in the highest quality timber to ensure they blend seamlessly with the natural environment.

Of course, you could keep your wheelie bins in your shed or garage. But that can lead to all kinds of unpleasant odours, there’s nothing like rubbish bins to attract vermin and insects! Wheelie bin storage units, on the other hand, are designed to allow fresh air to circulate around your bins and recycling boxes. Allowing any nasty smells to dissipate before they become obvious. Your garden continues to smell like roses, the contents of your wheelie bins remain uninteresting to the local wildlife.

Which Wheelie Bin Store is Right for Your Garden?

When choosing the right wheelie bin store for your garden, patio, driveway or balcony. It all comes down to how much space you have available and how many wheelie bins and/or recycling boxes you have.

Wheelie bin stores (also referred to as wheelie bin chests, wheelie bin storage units, wheelie bin sheds, and wheelie bin combination stores), are available in a variety of different sizes. Accommodating anything from a single wheelie bin to two wheelie bins and up to four recycling boxes. So there really is something for every property owner.

If you reside in an area where recycling is compulsory, you probably have a regular wheelie bin, a second one for garden waste, and several recycling boxes for paper, plastics, aluminium and glass. These are generally made of tough plastic. But you’ll be surprised at just how good foxes and rats are at opening them! A rat will nibble on the lid for hours to gain access to your food waste. If there are chicken bones inside, the aptly named ‘cunning fox’ will find a way into your wheelie bin! With a wheelie bin and recycling box combination store, this just won’t happen.

Wheelie Bin Storage Solutions: Construction & Materials

wheelie bin storage

Wheelie bin stores are manufactured from high-grade Redwood Timber from FSC sustainable resources. Redwood, also referred to as Scandinavian Pine, is commonly used to make high-end garden furniture, as once pressure treated with Tanalith-E (a water-based preservative with copper and organic biocides), it can withstand outdoor conditions for up to 20 years without rotting or decaying.

An environmentally friendly solution that will complement your garden and make the most of outdoor areas. A top-quality timber wheelie bin chest will most definitely improve your curb appeal. If you are trying to sell your property, its smart appearance could potentially add value to your home.

Standard wheelie bin stores are delivered flat packed ready for onsite construction. Building them is easy, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour, and as all instructions, fixtures and fittings are included, all you need is a few household tools to assemble it.

Fully enclosed on all four sides and fitted with slopping lids. A wheelie bin store makes it impossible for the local wildlife to access your bins. So your household waste and recyclable rubbish remain exactly where you put it until collection day. You’ll never have to worry about finding last night’s leftovers spread all over your garden again!

The Humane Way to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Rubbish Bins

There are many different ways to keep wildlife out of your garden and rubbish bins. But many of them, such as traps and poisons are cruel and potentially dangerous for household pets. If you love your garden and the local wildlife, but rather the two didn’t mix. A wheelie bin storage unit is the perfect solution. They look good, built to last and they keep your rubbish locked up and out of the way. With nothing to attract foxes and rats into your garden, they’ll be more interested in what your neighbours have to offer.

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