Are you allowed to paint your wheelie bin? 

Fed up with your bins looking drab? Maybe you’re considering unleashing your artistic side and painting them. However, before you go all Banksy on your bin, you need to know whether you can paint your wheelie bin.

Can I paint my bin?

Well, the answer to this question is maybe. If the bin belongs to you, as in, you bought it directly from us or another wheelie bin company, go ahead. However still be careful, some council collections have specific rules and you should take this into consideration.

If the bin belongs to the council, however, you might want to hold off. Rules vary around the UK when it comes to decorating your bins. Check with your council first, because you might be asked to remove your design should you take it upon yourself to paint it.

The bin belongs to me – so how do I paint it?

Ever tried to paint your wheelie bin before and found that it just peels off or goes on wishy-washy? That’s because wheelie bins are made from a particular type of plastic. Most bins are made from HDPE which is really hard to paint. To paint any type of plastic, you have to prepare the surface properly. If you really want to decorate your bin, here’s how.

Give it a good clean

Give your wheelie bin a wash and a rinse out to remove any grime or debris. After washing, let it dry completely. Air drying is best (on a nice day!)

Prime your bin

This is an essential step when you paint your wheelie bin. Using an acrylic primer, coat your bin completely and leave it to dry for a couple of hours.

Start painting

Now’s the time to create your design. Hopefully, you have something in mind, but if not, you’ll find plenty of inspiration online. The best paint to use is flexible vinyl paint which will adhere well and stay looking great for longer.

Don’t go overboard

While we don’t doubt your bin will look amazing, try not to decorate the lid. Leave the bin colour showing, at least a little. That way both you and your friendly refuse collectors can tell which bin is which.

I can’t paint my bin, what about stickers?

If you are unable to paint your wheelie bin, you might be considering brightening it up with stickers. Most councils are fine with you putting numbers on your bin to help identify it. After all, it does reduce the chances of a lost or stolen bin. However, other stickers may not be welcome, so the same rules apply; check with your council first.For more interesting articles on all things wheelie bins, check out the rest of our blog

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