Bored with Your Garden Shed? Here’s Some Inspiration!

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Who doesn’t love a garden shed or even a modern and stylish wheelie bin storage shed? It can really add to the look of your garden, it’s a great storage solution for garden equipment and tools, and much more. But as well as making your garden clutter free, a shed can become something spectacular. People […]

Top 10 of the Most Sought After 20th Century First Edition Books

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Rare first edition books are like well-kept vintage cars, restored to perfection in all their glory, almost begging for ownership by an enthusiastic collector. Great books are, after all, a life-long investment into endless hours of intellectual pleasure and unforgettable memories. In honor of keeping the tradition alive, here’s our top 10 picks of the […]

Working from Home: Why Not Have an Outdoor Office?

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The number of people working from home in the last decade has increased by 1/5. Now as many as 1.5 million people choose to shun the daily commute in favour of a more flexible lifestyle. The desire for a better work/life balance, and the development of technology, has driven the shift towards home working. But […]